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progress update: 29/3/15

An update on Fudge who came to live with us in February this year.
He has settled in really well, so well that at night he sleeps in the same room as both cats, not on the same bed though!
He has joined a beagle club and regularly meets up with fellow beagles for long walks and beagle chats, when he knows we are off out for a walk he kind of pogos jumping up and down.
We have discovered that he can open doors, so we often find evidence of sleeping on a bed he shouldn’t be on!
Everyone who meets him say how lovely he is, we are so lucky he came to us, he is loosing weight too!
…Thank you DAWG dogs xx

Fudge has now found a home !!

This is Fudge a six year old Beagle whose family have moved and could not take him with them.
Fudge gets on well with other dogs and is good with children, cats we don’t know about.
Fudge when in his first home before he lived with the people who handed him into us, was made to stay under a coffee table and hit if he came out.
As a result of this in spite of living with people since then and who loved him, is timid at first.
He is a gentle boy and has now come out of himself a lot.
He will need to go to the gym to shed a few pounds and is on a diet.