Updated March 29, 2015 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 29/3/15

We have had Stella 5 years today.
She has bought so much fun and love to us.
Thank you for letting us have her.

progress update: 24/3/14

Stella has been with us for 4 years on the 29th March.
It doesn’t seem that long and she has made such a difference to our lives.
Loves her long walks up in the forest,
always wants to play in the garden,
but I do wish she would shut the door after she comes in!


Stella has now been rehomed !!

I am 2-5 years old and a general mix up of all sorts,I arrived into the rescue last Thurs.I was an emergency case as I was going to be put to sleep.
I love the other dogs and even though I hid when I first arrived I have come out of myself and now hide behind Helen’s legs when I meet new people,just for a while until I get to know them. A family came to see me on Sunday with quite young children and when they offered me a treat I sat down and gave them a paw.I let them stroke and hug me so as you can see I am a gentle sort.I am very quiet and share my bed with any of the other dogs who bunks in beside me.I m also very well mannered and never wee in the house.

Helen will be putting some photos of me up soon once she gets the hang of her camera.