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Harry needs a home !!

progress update: 20/11/2020

Harry is coming on in leaps and bounds.
I love my walks with him exploring the forest in which he runs like a bullet full speed ahead but always checking where I am.
He has met a few dogs out and so intent on dashing hither and thither paid no attention at all.
Came back to me when I called him even though another dog on one of the main pathways.
He met a dog today and sat calmly while it walked past him.
He really had a lot of energy to run off.
Always the first step in rehab training and it is paying off.
Recently, on one of the heaths he met free ranging horses and at first barked at them, circled them and lay down in true Collie fashion.
Came back to me when called and walked past them quietly.
The next day he met them again and no reaction at all and responded immediately to ” This way now “.
Lunging at cars is almost non existent now.
He does have the occasional try but as long as you are thinking two steps ahead of him and ask him to sit and say a ” No ” he does not bother.
Today, I was parked next to the road and he sat perfectly still while cars drove by and it was safe to walk him around the van to unlock the door.
He is very smart and learns quickly.
He is a clever dog and needs a human’s IQ to match his.
He also needs someone who won’t panic if he is out of sight and just to let him do his running and exploring without boring his ears off with continual recall commands.

progress update: 17/11/2020


progress update: 12/11/2020

Harry is doing very well with his socialisation.
I was so pleased with him today when he unexpectedly met a German Shepherd and had a bit of a game of chase until the German Shepherd was called back by his person.
Then he met two small dogs and completely ignored them.
We followed them back to the carpark with Harry on his lead and absolutely no reaction from Harry.
He is a really lovely dog who just needs someone experienced and not just with Collies.
He improves all the time.
He loves his walks in the forest and even though he takes himself off for a while , he always comes back to a whistle or a shout of “This way”.

progress update: 11/11/2020

Harry’s overnight stay with Lianne –
I had a beach paddle in the rain, followed by doggy ice cream. I’m a spoilt happy dog.
I woke Auntie Lianne up at 4 am for a poo, then 6 am for play. More zzzz’s for me after that .
I am afraid her yoga mat is no more…… It was fun playing with it ….

progress update: 07/11/2020

Harry has arrived for another weekend at Casa Lianne, where he’s settling in as if he never left…
he’s got the first of many treats and is being spoilt even more than usual
He’s looking forward to a good old shout at the seagulls, walks on the beach and of course Doggy ice cream in Lower Gardens

Harry was returned to us recently because no longer reliable with other dogs.
Not sure what happened in the months in his new home because he was good with other dogs.
He had a lot of energy to run off and has been doing this with me over the heath and much calmer now.
Will sit quietly just off the pathway while other dogs pass by.
His recall is fantastic as it was when he left us in January.
No longer lunges at cars. Still likes to chase squirrels.
We all love Harry and he loves people, throwing himself on his back to have his tummy tickled by people he meets out.
Still needs more training but coming on very well.
We are looking for a Collie experienced home for Harry and he will not be leaving us until someone has got to know him out on walks with one of us.
We are always honest with potential adoptees as to what one of our dogs needs in a new home and cannot understand why Harry is not as good with dogs out as he was since leaving us.
He has met dogs on his walks off lead and ignored them.
He does need a home as a only dog because he likes lots of attention.
He regularly stays with Lianne for weekends and Sarah takes him out for on lead walks twice a week around the roads and local dog walking areas.

If you may be able to offer a home

please call Helen on 01202 380467

Phone calls & messages are usually only taken during office hours Mon – Sat.

Emails and Facebook messages can usually only be responded to within 3 days,

so please be patient if you don’t get an answer straight away:

Helen is often too busy to explain how busy she is!

We usually only rehome within approx. 50 miles of the Bournemouth / Poole area
so that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will only rehome further afield if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home
to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we rescue


Harry is a lovely dog.
A young and active Collie who needs a good run everyday.
He has met lots of other dogs while out and likes nothing more than a good game of chase with them.
His recall is fantastic and he comes back to check where I am without being called.
He has at the moment a lot of built up energy which needs to be run off over the next week or two.
Not sure his recall would be so instant if there was a squirrel or bird to chase and I doubt he would be good with cats and he is not good with chickens.

When on a walk if no other dogs to play with he will find a stick and toss it up in the air to catch and run after.
Today he was very pleased because he found a long abandoned football to throw around and drop for me to kick for him.
He is not used to traffic as previously he didn’t live in place where he encountered it, and it is all a bit much for him to take in at the moment.
Cars move so fast …..
He travels well in a car but is not keen on jumping into one although he is happy to be picked up and put in the back.