Updated January 28, 2021 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 28/01/2021

Hi Helen we have had Morgan now for nearly 5 years.
We love him to death.
He is the most energetic dog we have had and loves his walks.
He is doing really well and he loves the kids.
Can’t believe it is almost 5 years….

Morgan has now found a home !!

progress update: 05/03/2016

Morgan is an unclaimed stray but while here has proved to be a lovely friendly boy who loves fuss and attention.
He has learned to sit and wait before eating his dinner and takes treats ever so gently.
He does try and play with the cat and she plays with him.
Has backed off so far when my grumpy dog Oscar has a go at him for getting too close.
A lovely dog to foster.
He’s booked in with Tom on Tuesday for the snip.
Had his photo shoot today.

Morgan is a three year old Jack Russell and a pleasure to have in the Rescue.
Morgan is fostering in a family with both dogs and a cat and gets on well with all of them