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Icke has now found a home !!

progress update: 29/7/11
Icke has been with Jeff for nearly a week now.
He goes to the pub every evening for a pre – dinner drink and to chew the cud with Jeff and his drinking cronies.
Icke has not had a perfect life before coming into the rescue and could be a bit over protective.
His frequent visits to the pub have helped this a lot and he is has become a sociable dog plus he is sharing bed space with Jeff’s four other dogs and Scooby so has learnt from them how to behave himself.
Quite often the dogs we take in have really had a rough time and they take a while to settle which is why we like to give them time to find their feet.
He first fostered with Nicky and her family and did well there but as he is a dog that is better without young children he has gone to stay with Jeff whose children flew the nest many moons ago.

progress update: 18/7/11
Hi Helen,
He’s no trouble, have been out and about with him today down the river where we met Heleanor with Roxy and her dogs.
Then we went to the common this afternoon, so he’s had a busy day, he really enjoys his walks and is very energetic, he could do with some lead work as pulls like a steam train, but maybe that will settle down in time, I’m hoping he will shed the excess weight with all the walking we do every day, he’s also taken much better than I thought to his crate, he loves it, he’s in and out with toys he can find, suprising for his age, he’s also very affectionate and adores his cuddles, he doesn’t mix much with the girls much to Tilly’s dismay as she’s tried desperatley to get him to play but to no avail, he seems terrified of her, poor chap.


Just arrived into the Rescue, we’ve temporarily called him Icke as he looks a bit like David Icke!
He is an eight-year old male cocker spaniel.

Icke has now found a home !!

Comment on July 30th, 2011.

So pleased to see Icke is enjoying being with Jeff, hes such a nice chap x

paul copp
Comment on August 25th, 2011.

Well Icke has settled into his new home here with us in Poole, he’s being walked 3 times a day and loves it. The excess weight is coming off (of both him and me?). Will post some new pictures of him on facebook soon.

Paul Copp