Updated September 1, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 3rd Sep

Ivo has now been re-homed !!

Ivo comes from a family who didn’t want him anymore as himself and their
other dog started wandering together.Grew up with kids around (around
10/12 yrs I think) and cats,good with both I’m told.
Ivo is generally really nice, playful, affectionate, outgoing and
confident. Happy to listen and please. Good recall,no hunting/chasing
instinct as far as I have seen.
He’s also abit of a messer -loves to drag & tear any clothing(mind the
clothes on the line)and other stuff-managed to tear the felt of the
roof of the kennel-but he had help with that!
Could generally do with better manners.
He’s a bit sharp around food and the odd time around other males.Apart
from that he gets on with other dogs. He likes driving in the car.

Since arriving into the rescue here Ivo has got on very well with all
the dogs that he has met. He does need some training as Loudi has
We will give Ivo a few more days to get to know us before we let him
off the lead. I would say not with very young children as he shows some
nervous behaviour towards them.