Updated December 20, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, success stories, successfully rehomed.

Izzy has been rehomed !!

progress update: 20th Dec 09

Hi Helen
Just a quick update on Izzy the collie x we had from you back in July.
What can I say really, apart from she has been a little star since the first day we picked her up from Anne’s,
and what a transformation from the shy little pup that was cowering in the back when we first saw her!
She loves everything, and nearly everyone, she loves her food, playing, walking, sleeping, and most recently,
whacking the baubles off the christmas tree with her tail, and doing a bunk with them.
Though we are still learning not to chase next doors cat halfway up the side of the house, which she only does if the cat doesn’t make the first move, if that happens, its her that comes running in with her tail between her legs.
Thank you for letting her into our lives, our family would not be complete now with out her. have enclosed some pictures, from the one we took when Anne had her, and a couple from over the last few months
Merry Christmas to all at the rescue.
The White Family.