Isabelle ( a.k.a Izzy )

Updated January 2, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 13th Feb 10

Izzy has now been rehomed!!

progress update: 13th Feb 09

Bob and Izzy

Bob and Izzy

Isabelle is about 2 years old and a cross breed.
She originally came from a kennels in Birmingham, where there
were 12 dogs who were due to be put to sleep, due to overcrowding.
Isabelle was one of them. Izzy isn’t very good with livestock.

She does have issues due to her horrific past,
she was abused and she was found by a dog warden in a canal where the banks were way too high for her to get out of, her previous owner had tried to drown her. Charming.
She suffers from separation anxiety. She doesn’t chew anything up unless it is foodstuffs.
So it’s a good idea to keep food locked away from her!
She has, however worked out how to open doors when she’s left, but with time and commitment,
we think she could get over this.
We think crate training her may be a good idea, then she could be left safely.
Obviously she can’t open a front door, but can open other doors in the house.

She’s excellent with children, good with cats (as long as they are known
to her) other cats she will want to chase.
She’s good with other dogs too. She is extremely loving, gentle, kind and affectionate and is one
of those dogs that snuggles right in close for a hug.
She just needs someone to give her the time she needs.
She does have some problems, as I’ve explained, but she also has so many lovely aspects to her nature.
She is very quiet in the home, and isn’t one of these barky dogs.
She’ll only bark when the doorbell goes for instance, and then she’s soon quiet again.
She is also fully housetrained, and she is very good with other dogs.
It’s just the food stealing and livestock that she’s not good with!