Jack and Lil

Updated October 16, 2012 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update on Lil: 16/10/12

Hi Helen, just a quickie to let you see how Lil is doing (of Jack & Lil).
I’ve had her 2 years now and can’t imagine life before Lil.
Always keep an eye on your website – you and your team do amazing work – wish I could adopt another but would have to meet with Lil’s approval!

progress update on Lil: 9/10/11

Hi Helen, we have had Lil with us for a year today so I thought you might like to see how she is.
Can’t imagine life without her now!

progress update on Lil: 12/12/10

Hi Helen, just thought you and Jane would like to see how Lil is getting along – she has settled down really well and is a real joy.

Jack and Lil have now both found homes !!

progress update 23/9/10

progress update 13/9/10

Jack has now found a home,

Lil still wants a home !!

progress update 15/8/10

Our names are Jack and Lil and we are two Jack Russell puppies looking for permanent loving homes.
At the moment we are fostering with Ozzie and his humans.
We are 9 months old, fully vaccinated and will be neutered.
Jane thinks we are really lovely and even Jonathan (who pretends he doesn’t like little dogs) says he has to admit we are very sweet!
It would be nice to go to a home together but we realise this may not be possible.
We have been at Ozzies house just over a week now and Jane has let us off our leads on a walk for a good run round.
We love this and do come back when she calls us.
If we don’t, Ozzie rounds us up like a sheep dog!!
We are not sheep and can’t understand why he thinks we are!
We are clean in the house and friendly with other dogs.
Please consider giving us a home and if you think you can, ring Helen at the rescue 01202 380467

Jack and Lil are 9 month old terrier puppies who are very friendly and like other dogs too.

Jack and Lil, 9 month old Jack Russell puppies, fostering with Ozzie.

Crate trained, house trained, don’t chew, very sweet little dogs.

Can be separated.