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Kenzie has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/6/12

The gorgeous Kenzie at the river this morning

The gorgeous Kenzie at the river today.
Kenzie is still looking for a home.
Kenzie is a gentle dog and we would love to find him a home that loves him.

progress update: 26/5/12

Hi Helen,

Just a quick update on Kenzie. This boy is such a big hunk of love . All he wants is to be with you and please. A pleasure round the house clean and quiet. Enjoys his walks . Has learnt to leave the rabbits , guinea pigs and chickens alone but will still bark at the cats ( in a playful way, but they don’t want to play) He is happy to be left for a couple of hours. He is happily living with my dogs and is a real hit with my four teenage boys and there friends.


progress update: 20/5/12

Hi Helen
Just a few more photos of the lovely Kenzie.
He has settled well sleeping in the kitchen without a peep loves to play with Ruby the jack russel.
Travels well . He can sit , go down and give a paw, politely waits before jumping in or out of the car.
Will open the back door to let himself in or out ( working on him shutting it behind himself )
He sits and waits for his food . Is a big hunk of love really .

progress update: 1/5/12

This is Kenzie who is a very loving boy.
He is lab boxer cross who is approx 5 years old.
Good in the car, sleeps in in crate without a peep .
Loves to play with his rugby ball.
He is handsome and very loving ( he would really like to be a lap dog) .
He is clean and quiet in the house.
Gets on well with my girls and has been a hit with my children and their friends too.


Kenzie is five years old and a Boxer cross Labrador.
He is quite a large dog but what an absolute softie he is.
He is marvelous with all dogs he meets and good with children we were told by the lady who handed him into us. Kenzie has lived at a pub when in his old home ad so is very sociable.
He also loves going to the pub it reminds him of old times.
He is a strong dog with quit a pull when he is walking.
If I didn’t already have my two dogs I would keep him in a instant.


Comment on June 26th, 2012.

Can’t believe nobody has snapped up this gorgeous boy. so lovely. someone give him a chance!!! I would if i could!

Comment on June 26th, 2012.

Me neither he is a such a handsome boy x

Comment on July 1st, 2012.

Actually saw kenzie out on a walk yesterday, looked like a right softie… really wish i could adopt him!