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progress update: 4/7/10

Hi Helen
Jackson has settled in to his new home and has come out of himself 100%.
He loves interacting with my husband, 9 year old son and 5 year cat, Booshy.
He is a mummy’s boy and we start puppy classes this week.
He continues to be very affectionate and adores human contact.
My son donated his old disney blanket to Jackson and he sleeps with it everynight in his bed.
Early mornings is his play time and last thing at night he has a funny five but thats just him.

He walks off the lead when we accompany my neighbour and her female toy poodle, Dilly and runs for miles in the forest.

As you can see by the photos he does get away with certain things we never allowed our previous dog to do such as sit on the settee.

Thanks again for allowing us to have the privilage of having Jackson in our family.

Polly, Jason & Caleb

progress update: 11/6/10

Jackson has now been rehomed !

progress update from Jackson’s foster home, 29th May 2010

Jackson has been with us for over a week now and he is such a poppet.
He is a lovely red colour and beautiful soft brown eyes that are so full of love.
Jackson has the sweetest nature,very affectionate in fact he is a 24/7 a lap dog.
He adores human contact and gives the nicest kisses, he is so gentle and loves everyone. He lives happily with our 3 dogs and socializes well.
He is 90% house trained and sleeps in his crate at night ,he will sit when asked and give you a paw.
I still cant believe what people do as Jackson was found wondering the streets at 11.30 at night cold very hungry and scared witless and yet this little boy has done nothing but shown me love and trust, you can do anything with him .
Jackson is maybe 11 weeks old now although I’m in no rush for him to go anywhere, it is time for him to find his new home and for me to let someone else have a chance to love him,as believe me you will fall in love with this special boy.

Lots of Love Angela & Jackson.