Updated October 12, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Jake has now found a home !!

progress update: 12/10/11
Hi Helen,
Just an update on Jake and to tell you what a super little boy he is, so full of fun and on the go all day.
He bonded with me as soon as I got him home and now when I look down he is by my side at the office desk all the time.
He loves his walks and always comes back when called.
Still has an issue with other dogs but I have started to socialise him when we go out for walks down by the river.
Thank you for all your advise and I will keep in touch and watch with interest the dogs that pass through your door looking for new homes, you do a wonderful job.

Take care

Jake arrived into the rescue today.
He is 4 years old , doesn’t like children for perfectly understandable reasons as he was teased by them and also does not like people putting a hand straight down to him.
It only takes 10 minutes and he is sitting on your lap, he is a lovely chap.
Getting on well with the dogs at the rescue and is polite enough to ask to go out to go to the toilet.