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Jess has now found a home !!

progress update: 24/3/11

We have walked Jess a total of 3 times now.
Once on a short lead (as this was her first time out with me) and twice on the long lead to give her a bit more freedom.
She has proved to be very obedient – obviously she pulls as this is a normal process when the dogs first get to experience new things!
Upon whistling for Jackson and Spike, she will turn round and stop in her tracks –
Also, I’m not too sure why, but when I shout for Spike she comes to me and looks expectantly.
This may well be to do with the tone of my voice though.

She also tends to seek approval.
If you’re standing still, she will jump up and rest her front paws over your forearm like shes trying to hug you! If you stroke her, she tends to get down and carry on walking.
I have started using ‘heel’ with her – she does respond and pulls less, however, this will take time.

Overall, she is a wonderful dog with a very affectionate character who won’t take long to rehome –
If I could have her, she would’ve come with me 2 weeks ago!

Jessie fishing in my pond,
she spent hours doing this today!

progress update: 21/3/11

Hi, this is me after a looooong walk in Ringwood forest with Jules, Jen ( who took us all out) and Mutley and crew.
I had a fabulous time and came back slightly off white in colour.
I have settled in here as you can see and am loving all the new people and dogs that I meet.
Everyone who comes to the house to see Helen loves me and when she had people here last week doing things with electric stringy things and fences and stuff I was besides myself they thought I was just lovely.
Melissa came today and said if she didn’t already have three dogs she would of taken me home.
Rosie my companion went to a new home today hope I will be off to one soon.

Love Jessie xx

Jess is gorgeous she s 6 months old intact female collie, very good recall once she knows you, she stays around outside all day and is as good as gold but needs more input she s ready to be someones dog she loves attention and pleasing people, very good with other dogs but is quite dominant so she wont be pushed down by other dogs, she does this quite politely however and is a gentle sweetie, Duke and her get on great. She s good with our cat but he doesnt run, she might chase a cat if it ran and is house trained, but is a bit of a climber and will be found on the kitchen table etc if left unsupervised!! Doesnt get car sick. Happy to travel.