Updated May 23, 2011 Categories: dogs, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 23/5/11

Jess has now found a home !!

progress update: 16/5/11
This week a 6 year old child came to Jeff’s house to visit and we got on famously. She spent a whole hour cuddling me and throwing the ball.
I fetched it to amuse her but to be honest it was a bit boring but hey you have to amuse the little ones.
I am enjoying myself here at Jeff’s home but would like my own home now and Jeff is getting attached to me, he has several dogs already so can’t keep me.

Hi, my name is Jess and for the last two years I have lived in a shed on a farm.
I was kept there because I didn’t like the working life and this annoyed the farmer. Life was very boring for an intelligent dog like me –
I am a Kelpie cross you know and we are known for our outstanding intelligence so a home that will provide the Times crossword for me to do would suit me well.
Jeff my foster Dad listens to Radio 4 and this keeps me up to speed with world affairs and I also get taken to the pub to enjoy putting the world to rights with him and his cronies.
Jeff has four other dogs and they are all well read so I get on with them extremely well.
I love the sunny days we are enjoying it is such a treat to be out in the fresh air at last.
I like to sunbathe in his garden and if I am feeling frivolous I race around with the dogs for a bit of exercise.