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progress update: 1/9/15

Hi Helen, just thought I’d update you on Jess, who has been the only foster dog we have kept,
despite me wanting to keep them all, she’s also the reason Nina won’t let us foster anymore,
not that we’d keep more but Jess won’t have other dogs near her or Bloops.
She’s doing well, and has slightly calmed down when out but not too much, but is the cutest most lovable thing indoors.
Anyways here she is all grown up……

progress update: 29th Nov

Jess has gone to stay permanently with her fosterers Nina and Alan !!

progress update from Claire: 22nd Sep

progress update from Claire : 26th Aug

Jess is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde.
Around the house she is a real sweetie and very affectionate.
A bit cheeky about jumping on the furniture but I guess it’s what she’s used to.
Clean, apart from 2 accidents due to excitement just before a walk.

On walks she is hard work. She pulls like anything and I’ve been trying to pull her back,
shorten the lead, keep stopping until she walks nicely but she won’t take the hint or respond to any of it well.
We must both ache, I know I do.
She barks at everything. Fear and youth I suppose.
I’m not convinced she has been regularly walked in town or near a lot of people and activity.
Small people and shopping bags are a problem, she is definitely confused by them.
Rattle bottle has not been very effective on the occasions I tried it to put a stop to some of her barking.
She thinks it’s a toy.
She will bark and bark once something sets her off.
I tried the no nonsense approach with her but I think there is alot stubborn terrier mixed in there.
I don’t expect to achieve a lot in a weekend but I’d like to think I’d make a small bit of progress.
I still think she’s a nice dog despite this sounding like a right moan!

I am a 6 month old Beagle cross and I have been around a bit,not in
that way that can get you a reputation I hasten to add.
I was passed from pillar to post and had 3 homes in one month before
coming to the rescue.
When I first arrived at the rescue I thought that as usual I could behave exactly how I wanted.
Dooley soon taught me a few dog manners and I am learning that I am not top dog.
I now eat with the others and don’t gulp my food down to get to the other dog’s
I bark a lot when on my walks and Helen says this is because I haven’t been socialised.
Well,everything I meet is new and exciting and I forget myself.
I don’t like children,YUK, I have been teased by some little horrors and this
put me right off them.
I have also felt the strong arm of man one too
many times and sometimes drop to the floor if I think I am in trouble.
I like cats and any small furry critters but not in a nice way,Helen
says that I like them far toooo much and must be kept away from them.

Helen says that I will need an experienced home as I still need lots
of work and this also needs to be with someone who realises that
Beagles are strong willed and like to follow their noses. She said I
need the sort of home that when told they are taking on a young dog
that needs plenty of input they don’t think they know it all, nod their
heads, make the appropriate noises and then return the dog a week
later. Everyone at the rescue finds this infuriating and it confuses us
dogs as we never know where we are.

Nina and Alan who are fostering me are lovely and Alan would like to
keep me, he always wants to keep all the dogs they foster but Nina is
having none of it.
Helen says Alan gets her vote and that she thinks he is a wise man.
I hope to find a home that will not get bored with me as
has happened before and please NO children I just can’t bring myself
to like them.

If you think that you may be able to provide

a good home

please contact Helen

on 01202 380467

or email

for more details!

We will usually only rehome within approx 30miles of the Bournemouth/Poole area
in order that we can ensure the continued well-being of the dogs in our care.
We will sometimes re-home further afield to this but only if the homes are exceptional.
We are NOT looking for just ANY home that is offered.
All potential homes will be assessed to try and ensure the best possible home to cater for the differing needs of each individual dog that we look after.