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progress updates: 24/11/10

hi helen , just a quick note to let you know that jessie has settled well , her and baz get along very well.
At the moment they are a good destruction team.
Jessie defuzzes the tennis balls and baz chews up what ever is left lol!

Hi Helen,
jessie has settled well , baz and her get on very well.
its nice to see baz play , he doesnt really get much choice
as jessie can be relentless in her task to get him to play.
now he even starts the play ! Because of my limited mobility
i now have a scooter and they love running along side it
they are absolutly worn out when they get home . will send
some pics when i get a new camera .

thanks for the chance of having two wonderful dogs

from hydie

Jesse has now found a home !!

Jessie has not long arrived.
We have already been for a rather wet walk and already her and our dog Basil have had a mad ten minutes running and playing the length of the living room.
She is a wire haired JRT about 9 months old.
She is very friendly and has just met our cat; she is interested and curious but not too forceful with her.