Jewel + her puppies (Bear, Prince, Belle, Bess, Poppy +Nala [a.k.a yogi, dear, half collar, batgirl, number1+ 2flash])

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All happily rehomed


progress update on Bear 25/6/10

Bear is doing fantastic, he loves chasing anything we throw for him but has a soft spot for a squeaky pheasent we got him, after he kept stealing mums dog’s squeaky duck!
Today he had his second jab, and now weighs 17lb.
Bear is coming on leaps and bounds with clicker training, he can sit, lie down, drop it and roll over is starting to get there.
He has recently discovered how to work his kong and treat balls and loves playing with other dogs.
What on earth did I do before him?
He truely is one of the family


progress update on Belle 5/6/10

Just to update you, Belle has been with us for one week now and has found a completly new diet consisting of grass, twigs, socks, tables, ankles, toes and fingers to mention a few, has found new hobby in gardening, turning the soil and picking the crops although has not understood the fact that they have to grow first, she has loads of balls and chew toys to play with when she is not gardening, she has also perfected the art of feng shui, moving plants, lights, mats etc around the house, she is teaching us to put things away or they get it, ie shoes, jumpers, that said she is absolutely gorgous and we all love her to bits, she has been to the vets for the first injection and mot, she has settled in perfectly I let her out to wee after the news about 1045pm and she sleeps through until 6 to 630 ish when she gets let out again before her breakfast.

Lots of love
Steve, Tanya, Ryan, Max and the one and only Belle

progress update on Belle ( a.k.a .Batgirl) : 28/5/10

progress update: 14th May 10

Jewel and all her puppies have now been rehomed !!

progress update: 7th May 10

Hi all,
Wow,cant believe that the puppies are nearly six weeks old the last few weeks have flown by.They are such a joy to look after and loves lots of kisses and cuddles.They are all gorgeous .

Best Wishes

kevin and nicky xx
progress update: 20th Apr 10

progress update: 12th Apr 10

Here is an update on jewels gorgeous puppies….The puppies are now three weeks old and are so adorable.There is Bear and Prince (the boys) Belle,Bess,Poppy and Nala….or as we fondly know them as yogi,dear,half collar,batgirl,number 1 and 2 flash because of there markings and colouring !!!! They are all up and walking now and we have had our first barks ,they are also enjoying there diet of ready brek,mince and tripe…not all mixed together …lol
Jewel is able to feed the puppies again as she has been very poorly but is now on the mend…My thanks to Helen,my family,Phillipa, Jane and my very dear friend sarah for all that you have done in the last few weeks ….and a very big thank you to my dear friend Helen who works so hard for the rescue and came to my house everynight to do the nightshift…and for all the chocolate…yum xxx

Nicky x

April 2nd :


Jewel gave birth to seven healthy puppies on Tuesday, the first one arrived at 6.10 am and the last one was born at 9.48 am.
Midwives in attendance were Helen and Nicky with Kevin giving helpful advice in between sleeping (he does call himself the perfect husband ) !!!! .
We settled down to two giant size bars of chocolate sustenance in the form of two bars of Aero, copious amounts of tea and junk nighttime TV whilst Jewel paced back and forth unable to settle.
After six hours of Jewel evicting us from one comfortable seat or other she gave birth to her first puppy a girl followed over the next few hours by four more girls and two boys.
All fingers and toes in the right place and mother and babies are doing well.
Nicky and Helen not so well from lack of sleep especially Nicky who had slept downstairs with Jewel for several nights previously.
By the time all the puppies had been born Nicky and Helen were laughing in a crazy fashion at anything anyone said like a couple of madmen.
Helen would like to thank Keith her fantastic boss who let her stay with Jewel until we were sure all the puppies had arrived when she should have been at work at 8.00 that morning and who also amazingly told her to go and get an hours sleep in the evening whilst on duty.
Helen would also like to thank Lorraine who she was supposed to take over from on Tuesday morning, Lorraine stayed on late to cover her. thank you to Jane McInnes who was on hand at all times to give advice and help to Nicky when Helen wasn’t available and also to Philippa our vet who reassured Nicky over the phone.

Biggest thanks go to Nicky, Kevin and their family who are absolute stalwarts in fostering Jewel and her family and all the other dogs they foster.
Nicky and Kevin were supposed to be replacing their floor in April but put it off until they both Jewel and her puppies have homes.

Jewel has a home who are eagerly awaiting the time they can adopt her but we would like to have homes ready for the puppies when they are eight weeks old and ready to leave Mum.
If anyone thinks that they can give a good home to one of them then please phone the rescue.