Jodie the Gentle

Updated August 18, 2012 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 29/8/12

If there were gold medals dished out for a great big heart and a loving dog Jodie would sweep the board. Thank you Helen, Tanya & Dawgs, for finding us such a treasure. xx

progress update: 6/8/12
“Yes, she now has a loving home for EVER with us.
Jodie is a most gentle loving soul.
Thank you Helen & Tanya.
Photos as soon as we as soon as poss. from us.

progress update: 2/8/12

Jodie has now found a home !!

Jodie update: I have nothing but good things to say about this lovely lady!

My brother walked her today (as I have a poorly 3yr old today), she walked beautifully on the lead for him and he was even confident enough to let her off.
Her recall was good considering its the first time he has walked her.
In the house she is clean, quiet and very well mannered.
She is happy just to be near you and to lie at your feet.
The children can leave their toys lying around on the floor and she won’t touch them.
The cats are very confident around her and one of them has even taken to trying to share her bed at night!

Jodie is an older lady looking for a nice quiet home and lots of love.
She is a Terrier X and approx 8/9yrs of age.
Brilliant with other dogs and children, not remotely interested in the cats and barely paid any attention to the guinea pigs on the lawn!
I will update again once she has settled but so far a wonderfully sweet dog looking for a home to spoil her!

Comment on August 24th, 2012.

Thank you to ppl who adopted Jodie the gentle. It was a very hard decision to let her go but I am so glad she has found. Fab new forever home. We do miss her loads