Kim and Sheba

Updated June 1, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

A big “Thank you!” to Ann who fostered Kim and Sheba.

They went to her terrified to get within touching distance of people and who

( after Ann had spent hours just sitting in a chair by them)

changed into confident, sociable dogs before going  new homes.

progress update: 25th May 09

Kim and Sheba have both now found homes !!

We have never been out of a shed before and today for the first time
we went in a car.
After a while we looked out of the window and there was so much to look at.
When we arrived at the rescue we couldn’t believe it the door was open and we went into the sun.
We are not sure what to make of all this and are staying away from Helen and running
and hiding in our bed.
We heard her say that we will soon learn that life has improved and to be stroked and cuddled.
Bracken has already got into the cuddling thing.
Clive is ok and we quite like playing with him, he says there is a whole new world out there for us to discover.
It is so nice to stretch our legs and to run up and down outside.
We have never slept on blankets before and they are extremely comfortable and
there is also a heater on in our room at night !!
This is all very new to us.