Honey (a.k.a Lexy)

Updated April 12, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 17/04/2020

Hi guys! An update on Honey (Lexi) … she is an absolute delight.
Her big sister Holly is her idol and can’t even have a wee without Honey checking she’s ok.
She’s created a mud slip in the garden from zooming round and round, and enjoys entertaining herself by chasing bumble bees.
We are blessed to have such a perfect dog, thank you so much.

progress update: 04/12/2019

Honey (previously Lexy) settled in within a few minutes!
She’s experienced horses, cows, shops etc and is learning so much.
We love her and she’s getting on with our other lurcher Holly too

Lexy has now found a home !!

Lexy has been with us for a couple of weeks, coming from a home that could no longer keep her.
She is 20 weeks old and for a young girl she learns incredibly fast.
Within a couple of days she was clean in the house and off the lead with my dogs.
She knows sit and worked out by herself down, and that when fundraising and meeting new people, if she sat and didn’t get a treat she would go into a down to see if that got her one. Clever girl!
Yesterday, in the forest she went on ahead of us a little further then she normally does.
I called her back and she raced back.
Just twice doing this and she would go the same distance ahead and then stop, look back and wait to see if it was okay to go on more.
She is filling in her application form to go on Mastermind as I type this.