Mindy (a.k.a Mary)

Updated December 15, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 15/12/2020

Hi Helen
We have sent a donation for Xmas, hope you are well and thanks as always for your hard work with the Rescue and for helping us find such lovely dogs to share our lives.
Here are a few pictures of Mindy,
much love, Yvonne & Paul xx

progress update: 22/07/2018

Hi Helen,
We have had Mindy (Mary) for a week now, so we thought you might like an update.
She has settled in very well, sleeps in the kitchen with no noise through the night, has not run away on any walks when we have let her off-lead, socialises well with all dogs (she especially enjoyed a walk/run with 4 other collies and a morning romp with a Dalmatian) and as you would have guessed, is no problem with people!
She has been to Badbury Rings, Corfe Mullen Rec, Upton Heath, Branksome beach and has explored every inch of our garden and house downstairs.
A couple of quirks we are conscious of are her caution regarding gates & doors – which she is overcoming, and (so far) not venturing upstairs – which is perhaps not a bad thing!
Occasionally she reminds us she is there with a loud bark, but mostly she is a very quiet soul.
Of course, we love her to bits!

Mary has now found a home !!

Mary found a home quickly with people who adopted from us before and now has a home.
Mary and Jack are brother and sister and a year old.
Lovely girl, gentle and sweet.