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progress update: 17/06/2020

7 years ago, almost to the day we took on Lili. Lili was a DAWG rescue from Ireland. She came over with a few medical issues and some severe stress problems. She was adopted by a lovely couple, but after a few months they were in a position where she hadn’t settled properly with them. I’d got to know Lili by this point and she had a bond with my other dog. We decided to step in and take her on. Since then she’s had one hip replaced, then after 5 years removed in an emergency operation when it failed. we then had 6 months and a load of physiotherapy and aqua therapy to strengthen the floating joint. Then the second hip was finally replaced. Again a load of crate rest, restricted exercise for months and follow up xrays. During this period, we were emigrating to Spain with the menagerie, and our departure date was delayed several months to allow Lili to have her second hip replacement operation at Anderson Moors specialist vets. This meant she was getting the best treatment possible. Thankfully her insurance picked up all but a couple of thousand of the cost for the 3 operations.

The first photo was taken on the first day of her being allowed to have a 20 minute off lead walk with her ‘brother’ Skia. Lili is the smaller collie on the left. We moved to a small farm in the countryside miles away from anywhere so that the dogs and cats could have lots of space. The dogs have an acre field enclosed outside the house to run in as much as they like. We’re surrounded by mountains and beautiful quiet walks. The photo is taken in another of our fields in the woods behind the house. Her joy was absolutely palpable.The second photo was taken this spring. A year on from the move and her being released from crate rest. Lili has now been with us for 7 delightful years. We’ve used dog listening techniques to remove all of her stress. She now happily goes in the car, walks on the lead, recalls, and leaves the cats alone! She’s coped with all the building work and has made all the builders fall in love with her. One chap is scared silly of dogs and he adores her so much he has to cuddle her and gets really excited when she’s around him. She is simply the most adorable dog I’ve ever met.

Thank you DAWGs for bringing her into our lives. We would be lesser people without her grin and snuggles. I am looking forward to many more years in her company. We wouldn’t have her if it wasn’t for you all and your dedication to the abandoned dogs of the UK

progress update: 16/3/13
Hello Helen and Tanya.
Just a quick update on Lilly.
She is settling in nicely now.
We had a few problems at night times to begin with but after seeing Denise from Paws in Hand we have had two nights in our own bed again.
Lilly has a new smaller fabric crate with a big donut bed inside it which she loves and she sleeps all night through!
Her training is coming along excellently, she can sit, down, stay, wait, leave, speak, give paw already and she will be starting puppy classes on Monday with The Puppy School.
She is such a clever girl and has all the family under her paw already.

Lily has now found a home !!

Hi Helen,
Little Lily has been with us for a few days and has really settled in well.
She is quiet at night and her paper training is coming on brilliantly.
She is an adorable bundle of puppy fun! She loves the cats and tried to get in with the guinea pigs the other morning for cuddles.
Lily plays really nicely with the children and loves the company of my dog.
More updates to follow!