Updated June 17, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Riley has now found a home !!

progress update: 17/06/2020

Hi Helen, hope you and your team are well.
Just thought you would like an update on Riley.
We’ve been working on his recall and happy to say he is really good on it.
He is such a delight and still has his very cheeky character about him.
We love him so much and excited about his first birthday next month, we are going to be baking him his own special doggie cake xx

progress update: 24/10/19

Riley has come on well in his training and is now housetrained asking to go out to do his business.
Blue has taught him how well mannered dogs behave and how to play nicely.
He is clever and picks up on new commands and sits almost without being asked to and has been doing so since he was 10 weeks old.
He went off lead for the first time last week in an enclosed area and this means he is meeting new dogs of all shapes and sizes.
He comes when he is called which is very good for a puppy of his age having been let off lead for the first time.

progress update: 16/10/19

Riley went out for his first walk today with Lianne to help her dry the dog blankets Blue has wee’d on and he enjoyed this first excursion out.
He then visited Lianne’s hairdresser for a chat and was an instant hit with the salon people.
He also had a bus ride and enjoyed this very much too!

Riley was found at 8 weeks old straying.
Rather sad that he could be put out to fend for himself at just 8 weeks old.
He is now with us and needing a home.
He is a confident puppy and used to other dogs.
Typical puppy in that he loves to play, eat, sleep and then get up again for second round.
He is nearly housetrained now and even asking to go out.
He has has had his first vaccination and check over at the vet.
Lovely pup and great fun to be with.