Updated May 24, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 25th May 09

Lucky has now found a home !!

progress update from Jackie: 23rd Apr 09

Lucky is a very individual dog, full of contradictions!!!

She spends a lot of her time curled up in her bed or some other hidey-hole, like under the table or desk. For all that she’s not a nervous or jumpy dog alarmed by loud noises or cheering.

She walks quite well on a lead although I haven’t let her off yet. She will chase a ball in the garden but she takes it straight to her bed unless stopped in her tracks when she will give it up quite willingly to be thrown again.

She is friendly with other dogs we meet but has shown slight signs of jealousy towards our dog, but no aggression.

Lucky’s not an excitable dog but does wag her tail when we arrive home, and she likes to be petted but always seems to look a bit unsure of herself as though she doesn’t deserve good treatment!!

She does suffer a bit of seperation anxiety and does howl intermittantly during the night but is easily reassured with a quick visit to settle her down.

She has travelled well in the car on the short journeys I’ve taken with her and quite happily curled up in the back without howling when I popped into a shop.

I think she would make an ideal dog for an adult household and that she would make a loyal companion given time to settle in.

All in all she is a very endearing dog that grows on you the more you get to know her!!

Hope I haven’t put people off ‘cos she’s lovely dog!!!