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progress update: 5/11/10

Mac has now found a home !!

progress update: 1/11/10

I am now staying with Jeff and his 5 dogs and I reckon I get on quite well here.
There is a horse who takes no prisoners so I behave myself around him.
I go to the pub every evening with Jeff for a pint and socialising and I am getting to know the locals who think I am a fine and friendly chap.
As I am the size of a Labrador and not one of those giant type dogs you see hogging the sofa I fit on Jeff’s bed with two of his other dogs, not sure how much room is left for Jeff but he doesn’t complain.
I have met new people who have visited Jeff and have behaved myself and acted like a real gent.
I originally came from France so I am bi-lingual but no-one at the pub speaks French so I chat in English.

progress update: 27/10/10


Mac is a six year old labrador/ridgeback/ beagle cross (quite a mix).
He is very affectionate and loves walks in the forest.
When he first arrived he wasnt quite sure how to approach the other dogs in his foster home but he has chilled out now and likes to play with them.
He loves his food and has to watch his weight a little.
He takes the opportunity of exploring the neighbourhood should anyone leave a door ajar but can be coaxed back with the promise of a ride in a car!
He can sit, lie down and even do high five.
He is also good at recall when he feels like it.
His beauty regime involves plunging in water and rolling in dirt straight afterwards.
He maintains this keeps him looking dapper.
We are all enjoying having him to stay, he is a great dog and will make a loving pet for the right person.

Mac has now found a home