Updated June 23, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Maddie has now found a home !!

Maddie is a Yorkshire Terrier cross Chihuahu just 17 months old.
Being quite good at typing she has written her own story of her arrival at Claire’s:

My name is Maddie I’m 14 month Yorkie x Cowawa, my foster mum says I’m a little sweetie, we went straight out for a walk because I had to meet her hooligans she said, she said I was a really good girl so tomorrow she’s going to let me off the lead, when we went back to her house we started a barbecue, I was hoping I was going to get a sausage I hung around but they didn’t give me a sausage, hope keeps trying to play with me but she’s a bit rough so not sure about her yet, the other dogs are ok though!!

From Claire :-
This little lady is probably one of the easiest fosters I’ve had, only coming to me yesterday afternoon.
She has been off lead on her walk this morning, already has free run in my house even when I’m out.
She does her business in the garden, loves to be with you, but I’m not finding she needs all attention, she isn’t a lap dog, I haven’t had a problem with her and any other dogs, she is just all round great.