Webster (a.k.a Simba)

Updated June 22, 2014 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 22/06/2014

This thing of being on holiday, it’s hard work…………….

progress update: 19/06/2014

Webster is on holiday in Scotland and has sent us a photo of himself enjoying this sunny weather!

progress update: 3/4/13

Hi Helen

As I said your going to be kept up to date with what Simba is up to. First of all we have changed his name. Its now Webster. He got to answer it very quickly ’cause we tried to keep it sounding the same, anyway he didn’t look like a Simba.

He has been no trouble at all, in fact Marjorie will say that I’m more trouble than he is. He’s clean around the flat and yesterday was the first time we had left him on his own. We must have been out for about 2/3 hours and yes he did sleep on the bed for that time but that was our choice to leave the bedroom door open.

He loves his food. There is nothing left in his bowl, either in the morning or evening. He walks on the lead a treat, never pulls, waits at the kerb until he’s told to cross, an all round gentlemen. We went over to Eyeworth Pond yesterday and he had such a great time. We let him off his lead for the first time. OK, his recall was not great, we can work on that but he did come back to us. He just wants to meet every body and play with all other dogs.

He’s no trouble at night, sleeping all the way through and with Marjorie getting up at 6am during the week he waits until we are both up before he moves. Doesn’t demand feeding when he get’s up, doesn’t demand to go to the loo either, just waits till I take him out – which is not that long after I get up.

He barks at the front door when we come in and also when the door bell goes but is not bothered by people walking and kids running past the door. He has such a deep woof, that we feel that when we do have to leave him, he’s not going upset our neighbours with a high pitched yap,yap,yap, like you can get with come dogs.

So what else can we say about Webster (Simba) Oh yes just one thing. We think you’ll find that he has been castrated as we can not find his testicles.

Did we make the right choice in Simba. Yes, you bet we did. He’s our dog for life dog, now. Thank you.

So, that’s it. Our first week with Webster. See you on the walk at the end of the month.

Lee, Marjorie & Webster