Updated September 29, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Maggie has now found a home !!

Maggie is a darling of a dog.
She is 18 months old and gets on with the other dogs well.
She arrived a week ago and soon settled in here.
After she had got used to things I took her and my three to the Rec for a walk, she was just busting to run so I let her off lead.
Well, my heart nearly stopped as she ran at full speed a huge circle and out into the car park.
“That’s it you fool you better get running after her ” I thought to myself ( running is not my best sport and my knees aren’t as young as they were !! )
And then as I was frantically calling her she turned sharply in a cornering any Speedway rider would be proud of and headed back to me. Phew !!
She ran at full speed in circles several times and back to me when I called her.
Lots of praise and tum tickling and she was off again this time with Willoughby and her chasing each other in circles.
She is lying at my feet as I type this.