Updated September 30, 2018 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Sally has now found a home !!

Sally is an older girl at 8 years of age.
She is laid back, great with other dogs, would like to chase Squirrels if given half a chance and has settled in here marvelously.
She would suit a home that is suitable for a quiet and gentle dog but one that still likes to to go out for a walk.
Sally’s day today :- “Well, I am not the flavour of the day today after Helen let me off lead for a walk.
I immediately headed off to the densest Bramble bush and buried myself within it..
Helen had to trample down Nettles and Bramble to try and rescue me but what she did not know that was while she was at one end I had exited the other end.
She went home to bring back clippers to cut the bush, was stung by Nettles , nearly broke her ankle sliding down the bank and then sat down to write a Lost and Found post for Face book and a appeal for someone to come and help with a petrol Strimmer.
I, of course had made my way into the road at the back of the Rec and was splashing about in someone’s pond and quite oblivious to Helen’s frantic efforts to release me from the Bramble bush.
The kind lady who helped me out the now trashed pond took me sensibly back to the Rec to look for whoever was in a panic trying to find me.
There was much relief at my arrival and Stephanie who had been posting me on Face book from her mobile phone after a frantic phone call from Helen had to delete my post.
I can move quite fast for an older girl !!
Helen has said I am not off lead again…….
She never had the intended visit to her allotment today because I had run her afternoon into too far too late time to go and she had another call to go to the vet for another appointment.
In spite of my escapades and the time, worry and trouble I caused her she still gave me a delicious grub up when I was home.