Pache ( a.k.a Max the collie x )

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progress update: 17/06/2020

With his 8th birthday looming Pache thought he’d practice his Parkour in the Forest!

progress update: 17/04/2020

Pache is just dropping by to say hi!
He was his usual happy self on his walk today – although as we were avoiding humans it was just me and him
Can you believe he is 8 this year Helen, 8 !
Where’s that time gone?

progress update: 03/02/2019

Pache having fun in the snow for 3 days now, he’s like me and never gets tired of it!

progress update: 12/10/2018

Pache having fun on his Cornish holiday, he loves staring out to sea first thing in the morning

progress update: 16/03/2018

DAWGdog Pache resting up after his annual holiday to Cornwall

progress update: 04/09/2017

DAWG dog Pache enjoying his usual daily run and swim – this was after a 5.30am walk up Hod Hill.
Just when you think he may be tired…

progress update: 20/08/2017

Pache making a splash with his pal Martha, he is 5 years old now!

progress update: 27/05/2017

Dawg Dog Pache having a lazy sleep in

progress update: 28/01/2017

DAWG Dog Pache on his annual holiday to Cornwall – fun in the winter sun

progress update: 6/6/2016

It’s my birthday!
Three years since Mum came and got me and took me home from DAWGdogs
– she says I’m the best dog ever and she was very very lucky to be allowed to have me :-)
I love my home I get loads of walks and swims and treats.

progress update: 24/05/2016

DAWGdog Pache enjoying his annual Cornish holiday.
Three years since he was adopted now

progress update: 16/04/2016

His 3 yr anniversary is coming up in June

progress update: 6/12/2015

He loved his new frisbee – until he dropped it in the river and we both watched it disappear!

progress update: 21/03/2015

DAWGdog Pache – Getting clean at West Lulworth Cove

progress update: 17/01/2015

DAWG Dog Pache having a great old time with his big pal Frodo

progress update: 19/10/2014

Pache enjoying his now annual holiday in Cornwall

And when hes done with the beach he has his own fields and river to play (and rest) in

progress update: 9/7/14

Pache arrived 1 year ago – best decision of my life!

This is now his birthday ‘day’ and he got lots of presents and two extra long walks with river swimming and playing with his pals.

Happy little boy and very happy mum!

Thanks Dawg Dogs for letting me take him into my home (and heart!)

progress update: 23/6/14

Dawg Dog Pache’s favourite spot in the garden after a long long run and swim down the river.

progress update: 7/4/14

Hi everyone!
I went to Wales for a long weekend with Mum and we climbed loads of mountains and I saw millions of white woolly things and I didn’t chase a single one – Mum was very pleased.
I thought she’d be happier if I actually caught one for lunch.
Sometimes I just don’t understand hoomans at all…..
Love Pache Adams

progress update: 1/4/14

Pache was a lot cleaner when I first brought him home from DAWGdogs
But he’s had a lovely day at the beach and river/fields with his furry friends – he’s now a very tired boy. What I would do without him I just don’t know – I adore this little dog more than anything

progress update: 15/3/14

DAWGdog Pache is becoming a regular down Studland Beach and can’t believe his luck that there are so many dogs who want to play, seagulls to chase and lots of lovely water to jump in – happy chappy he is

progress update: 2/7/13








Hi Helen

A photo update on Max – who has been renamed Pache short for Apache.

It was difficult for my friend with the name Max as he lost his Max
only a couple of months ago. Pache knows his new name already!

His recall when distracted is slowly, very slowly, getting a little
better each day. He loves chasing crows and absolutely adores the


progress update: 21/6/13

He is off to dog school next week, to learn that while he might be a sheepdog he isn’t actually allowed to round them all up.
He ducked through the smallest of gaps in a fence yesterday and proceeded to move about 100 sheep from one field to another – I was mortified!
Fortunately he put them all together and then stood watch while I managed to get the lead back on him, but it was heart attack material.
On the plus side he got on famously with Jackson my friend’s extremely large GS and they had the time of their life playing – Max is not afraid of anything!

progress update: 12/6/13



Hi Jane, Kevin and Helen

Max (the collie x) has settled in remarkably quickly, what a cracking little dog he is!

He loves travelling in the car and is so quiet I forget he is there half the time. He is brilliant in the house and on the first work day when I got back at lunchtime all he had done was sleep on the sofa – which was fine by me! And the neighbours said there wasn’t a peep out of him.

He adores the river and the fields he gets to run through and chase rabbits. His recall when it’s just him and me is faultless but he is undergoing training for recall when he spots another dog! The gundog whistle though is working and he is extremely switched on and picks things up very quickly.

He had a lovely time at the pub on his first day – and was patted by several people including an elderly man in a wheelchair who loved him – it was very sweet to see.

He doesn’t beg or bother for food when I am eating, is happy to lie quietly in the house when I am busy and is spot on at night. He slept upstairs the first night but after that he went to his downstairs bed all by himself!

He’s very smart and is already picking up news things, like not barging out of the door! He’s also learning not to pull on the lead and will be even better when he starts school!

He is so sweet and affectionate and I adore him! Thank you so much for letting him come to live with me!

Max1 movie clip
Max2 movie clip

I hope the movies work he’s a darling!


Max has now found a home !!

progress update: 21/5/13

Update from his foster Mum Jane:-

Max (the Collie) has been with us for just a week now and it is quite difficult to fault this lovely boy.
He is fun, playful, clean in the house, settles in his crate, friendly with other dogs, loves people, all in all a smashing little chap.
Max is good off the lead but his recall needs a little work once he gets stuck in to some serious playing with other dogs!
He loves to swim and to run around the garden with toys.
He would make a great agility dog or fly ball.
Max would be more suited to older children due to his energetic/excitable nature.


progress update: 21/5/13


From Niki – “Met this gorgeous boy yesterday at the Scout Fete, he behaved beautifully and took everything in his stride, he really is a lovely dog x”

Just arrived at the rescue – Max.
Max is a year old Collie, very friendly, good with other dogs, loves to play.
Max is fostering with Ozzie and Taylor.