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progress update: 2/7/12

Hi just to let you know that Mickey is doing really well, we are
having great fun together.
He loves coming to work with me and is very good with all the animals.
To start with he was nervous of the horses and cows, but now he is fine.
He has been coming to lots of shows with us and staying in the caravan!
He is very well travelled.
Sarah x

progress update: 8/1/12

Mickey has now found a home !!

progress update: 3/1/12

Mickey is good looking fella who is bright, energetic and eager to please.
Travels in the car well waiting to be asked to get out.
He has fantastic recal .Is very social with dogs and people.
He has had a lot to learn since coming to foster with us.
House training,walking on a lead, washing machines, hoovers to name but a few things.
He will make a lovely addition to an active family.

progress update: 21/12/11

Just an update on Mickey, he is about 9 months old.
This lovely boy will be a fantastic addition to someones family.
So loving and quick to learn.
Would do well in agility or just a family who understand a collies needs.
He has the added bonus of being very good looking.
He has mastered house training, learnt what a tv, washing machine and hoover are.
Is happy to be left for a couple of hours in his crate.
Loves to play with Angel his very little foster sister.
Is very social when we are out on a walk equally will return quickly when called.


progress update: 3/12/11

Hi Helen,

Just an update on the lovely Mickey, He is settled in well loving to play with his squeaky toys.
Enjoys his walks and is such a good boy for one so young returning quickly when called.
He has mastered house training. Walking quite well on the lead.
He is good in the car, waiting until he is asked to get out.
This boy is such a lovely fella who is good looking too.
Mickey loves to be with you where ever you are, he is also good in his crate learning to go in on command.
He would make a lovely addition to a family.


progress update: 18/11/11

Hi Helen

Just an update on Micky , what a fabulous boy he is.
A little shy at first but these days that only lasts seconds, then he is so loving and friendly.
He sleeps in his crate all night , walking much better on the lead, is brilliant off lead.
Is learning that the cats don’t like to be chased.
He is good in the car, waiting to be asked before jumping out.
Such a good boy and stunning to look at too.


Just a quick update on Mickey, what a lovely looking boy he is.
Very sweet and gentle all he wants to do is sit on your lap and have a cuddle.

Hi, I am Mickey and I arrived this week along with my brother Murphy.
I think Murphy has already mentioned that we came from a farm where other dogs were doing the farm work and we weren’t needed.
It was quite cushy laying in in the morning while the other Collies wee getting up for work at crack of dawn.
I am staying at Heleanor’s house with Winstone, two other dogs, chickens, cats, rabbits etc etc.
No Terrible Terrier here bossing me about!

Mickey has now found a home !!

Comment on December 3rd, 2011.

Hi my boys and I are intrested in Mickey. We live in rurual Somerset.

Comment on December 4th, 2011.

I’m not sure if Helen generally re-homes as far away as Somerset but if you give her a ring on 01202 380467 she’ll be able to take your details =)

Comment on December 5th, 2011.

Hello, We do have someone who can home check some parts of Somerset so please do phone me about Mickey.

Sophie Brush
Comment on December 30th, 2011.

Hi Helen

Do you still have Mickey available to rehome? We have one five year old son and one fat cat. Do you have any other suitable hounds to rehome?
Sophie (Cheltenham)

Comment on January 1st, 2012.

Hi Sophie, We have been closed hence the late reply Mickey is still looking for a home but as you are quite fa from us could you phone me at the rescue