Updated December 12, 2010 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 12/12/10

Hi there Milo and ….! Thought I would say hi and how excited I am to hear that dad is to foster. I have discussed this with Tom to which the reply was ” Cool someone else to play squeaky toy with” , me on the other hand ( as im more mature now) can show the new arrival how to work dad with the “big brown eyes look” it works every time , that saying we have been told that no inappropriate behaviour from us two will be tolerated and if we act naughty our collar collection will be sold on EBAY! ….am secretly hoping that the horrible blue one goes as it doesn’t do a thing for me !
Helen keep up the good work I am so happy with my life and thanks to you fate prevailed. We hope to see you very soon , Tom and I hope the lovely Jackson is on the round to recovery , he will make a brilliant friend to any knowledgeable human. All the best Helen , love Milo x

progress update: 25/10/10

Hi there its only me Milo …how’s you ? Thought I would give you a current update . Dad is busy decorating to which I find it highly amusing that he has millions of shades of one colour yet they all look the same …if only he could see it through dogs eyes. Tom and I are still getting on although he seems to think its funny running and jumping at me whilst I trying to relax after a hard day looking gorgeous …I take so much then I bark back in a “don’t push me tone” works!

I have also made friends with the pup terrier “Poppy” next door , I look HUGE standing next door to her, Tom just snootily walks past.
Maybe its the weather but I am really struggling walking back home and sleep for longer periods soon after ( normally on dads lap) , so Dad has put me on cod liver oil tablets as the vet man said I could be getting arthritic..saying that when Tom is playing in garden I occasionally chase him to pinch his toy …he goes running back to dad whimpering tee hee.

Cant wait for Christmas we apparently have new winter coats and lead sets coming ( please god don’t make them sparkly) .
Before I go Dad wants to know if you can use our old collars and leads and also needs your full address again if possible ( diary went in washing machine …again) .

All the Best Helen , Hope to see you soon , Milo , Tom. and Dad x