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progress update 7/8/10

Hi Helen, thought I ought to send you a little update on how Miss Minnie is getting on!

From the second she came through the door and met Mr Big, she has fitted in perfectly.

Mr Big was a little unsure at first as he is so much smaller than her, but it didnt take him long to fall in love. Minnie loves to barge Mr Big out of the way when cuddles and treats are being dished out. Miss Minnie has the habit of ‘swooning’ when she gets lots of cuddles and noone can budge her!

The two dogs didnt share toys for the first few days, on your suggestion but three weeks in they have started to chew eat others bones and Minnie sits patiently waiting for her treat knowing that we ‘treat’ Mr Big first.

Miss Minnie is a complete water baby and will even stand in a puddle just to get some water action. I dont know what she is crossed with, something water loving thats for sure! Mr Big doesnt share her love of the water but happily paddles his tiny feet on the waters edge to show willing. Alas, his low to the ground belly and white fluffyness means he ends up having a bath after most walks, but he considers that its a small price to pay for such happiness.

Mr Big has never learned to play as he was hand reared so Minnie started to teach him ‘chase’ and ‘sniff’ games. Mr Big now chases Minnie around the garden and on field walks and that is such a lovely sight. He isnt scared by her and she is very gentle, even when herding him when he doesnt do as he is told. Minnie is extremely well behaved and gets quite cross when naughty Mr Big lets the ‘doggie’ side down!

Scarlet loves walking with you and your pack, and loved swimming with Tess, Mutley and Minnie last week. Minnie has enjoyed racing through the fields and water with her new chums Oscar, Lottie, Lulu, Dolly, Dooley, Jasper, Tessa, Mutley, Spike, Skippy, Fudge and Kasha. She desperately wants to be part of Dooleys Swimming Gang, so we are looking forward to our trip to the river with Dooley soon. xx

progress update: 15/7/10

Minnie went to her new home tonight

This is a photo of her and Scarlet, her new young family member

Scarlets new favourite bedtime story is Dooley’s Diaries which she loves and she is eagerly awaiting his Cornwall diaries!

My name is Minnie and I have come from a home who couldn’t give me the time I needed.
I lived with with five children and cats and I am a bit if a home body, No long holidays for me I like my home surroundings.
Saying that I have settled into the rescue well and tolerate Dooley’s boastful and bossy nature I find the best thing to do when he is going on and on is to completely ignore him.
Helen let me off the lead for the first time yesterday and as she expected I have perfect recall.