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progress update: 10/3/11

Hello Auntie Helen,

Here is a picture of me in my new forever home. I shouldn’t say it of myself but between you and me I think I am looking really good now that I have put on a little weight and my fur has grown although Mum keeps having my hair cut each time I try to grow it !!!!

It is 4 months now since I came here so I have really settled and am happy. I am learning not to pull on my lead but its taking me a while as I get so excited when we go for walks and meet all my friends.

Give my love to all my friends at Dawgdogs and tell to keep their tails wagging as it won’t be long before they have a new happy home just like mine.

Lots of licks

Missy xxxx

progress update: 7/11/10

Hello Auntie Helen,

Thought I would let you know how I have settled into my new forever home. I love it & my new mum & dad love me. I’m being such a good girl. I sleep all night in my bed & in the morning i’m allowed on their bed for a cuddle. I have a toy box with a lid on but I nearly know how to get the lid off so I can play all the time although they do take my sqeaky toy away from me sometimes. I don’t really understand why but I guess they know the reason.

I am going to see uncle Graham on Mon at his Penhill house but mum hasn’t told me what for. I think its someone for me to play with !! I am also going to the hairdressers in December so am really looking forward to a pamper day. Don’t think I need a perm !

I do love pulling my dad round the park for a walk & if I slow down I get a treat so i’m beginning to learn how to get a treat. I’m not going to stop pulling for a while though because if I do the treats will stop. Oh its such a lovely dogs life.

Lots of licks Missy xxxx

Missy has now found a new home !!

Hi Helen
Missy here!
I just love this new talent I’ve learnt!
I wanted to say a big thank you for finding me a lovely new home. I think you ought to re name your charity to Matchmakers for dogs . com!
Will miss my friend Amy and thought you may like a picture of us saying goodbye!

Love to all,

progress update: 1/11/10

Yesterday a couple went to visit Missy and fell in love instantly and today Helen received these texts from Missy:-

” Hello Helen its me Missy. Dooley taught me how to write. I am so excited that I have a new forever home to go to. Yvonne and Brian can’t wait to love me so I know I will be top dog. Please can I go as soon as possible as I can’t wait to sleep in my new beds & play with all my toys. Lots of licks Missy “

Helen replied asking if Dooley had taught her to write via the computer to which Missy sent a reply-

” Yes Helen it was the computer & we laughed a lot at Dooley’s antics so I can’t wait to taste their car “

A home check was arranged for lunchtime and Missy is off to her new home tomorrow.

” How exciting ! My tail has nearly wagged off. I will tell Yvonne to put the kettle on “

progress update from Claire: 27/10/10
Hi Helen

Missy has settled down really well, she likes to be with us all the time. She has been for lots of walks and spent all her time with my 3 daughters.

When the girls disappear, she gets quite upset! Missy was very nervous when she first arrived, Now however, she is full of fun and very playful.

Missy has had a bath and looks lovely. Over the next few days, I’m sure her confidence will continue to grow.

I will keep you updated!



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