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progress update: 28th Jan 09

progress update: 7th Jun 09

“Molly has been with us for eight years now.

Do you remember how she
was only about 12 kilos when she arrived?

Well we struggled for ages
to keep the weight on her until we got her a playmate called Lady
Bella (Belle) from Happy Dogs.

Now because Belle eats anything Molly
has decided she can eat anything and has no problems staying the right weight.

Our vet thinks that Molly is probably nearer 14 years old than
the ten years that you would have recorded for her.

Molly still barks & stresses a lot but not as much as when she first arrived,

we don’t think she will ever totally stop but we love her anyway.

Molly doesagility at home now when the weather is good,

she has a touch of arthritis now so she doesn’t go to agility classes any more.

Molly is terrified of anything that moves under her feet,

shortly after shefirst arrived we took her to the beach and she hated the feel of the
sand moving under her feet at the waters edge,

she wont go in thewater unless we throw a toy in & even then she wont swim.

She was in the Bournemouth Echo once with a jack russel called “Lilly or Milly”
not sure which we have the article some where when we did a Charity
dog walk for the Stray Dog Sanctuary.

Molly loves to play ball as
always and she got two new Company of Animals Puzzle games from Santa
last Christmas, but she does have to share them with Belle.

Molly says Christmas is lovely but a bit strange when a tree takes root in our lounge.

People are always commenting to me (Beth) on her lovely shiny coat
when I take her out and I tell them that it is because she is on Burns
dog food.

At our shop (Pets Direct) when people want a new dog we
always recommend that they call you & the other local animal
charities rather than a breeder or shops that sell pets.

I will watch your web site for any fund raising events you have going
on and try to get to some with Molly.”


Beth Burton