Happy, Riley + siblings !

Updated June 17, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

These pups are now successfully rehomed !!

progress update on Riley: 17th June 09

Hi Helen,

This is Riley with a quick update from my new forever home. I am
learning all kinds of things here and everyone says that i am a smart
dog. I go to puppy classes every week and last Saturday i won 2nd
prize in a competition walking to heel. My Mum says I have to learn to
do this when we go for walks, but everything is too new and
exciting….I just wish she could learn to keep up!!

Last week I went to a place where there were lots of dogs, but they
all seemed really sad… a man whose name was “The Vet” gave me an
injection and told me that Puppies shouldn’t eat
snails….or….mud….or twigs….and especially not cat poo!! The
injection made me feel better and now I trying really hard to “Leave
It” …sometimes it is really difficult, but if I am good I get
something much nicer to eat  and everyone says that I am a good boy

Thank you for finding me a Forever Home, I really like it here and my
Mum says she can’t remember ever being without me…..she also says I
am better than Weightwatchers…. hehe

Lots of Love and sloppy kisses

Riley xxxx

progress update on Happy: 25th May 09

Dear Helen,

Enclosed is a picture of our gorgeous Happy, taken today…..
He just loves to sunbathe!!!

I can’t tell you how much pleasure he gives us, he is never sad.

His tail wags always and never stops.

He and Hugo love each other so much and we never seem to stop.

He is very good but still naughty at night with the wees and poos….we will
get there….

Anyway, sorry to have not been in touch sooner….I do see Deb quite a bit
and Jane Ferguson……so am in touch with all the other doggies.

Many thanks again Helen…..you are marvellous at what you do!!

Lots of love from Sacha and Paul Stevens

progress update: 29th Apr 09

All the pups have now been rehomed !

progress update from Becky: 26th Apr 09

How’s things? Good I hope.
I got some dogs toys today for the pups and for any other dogs or pups I have.
As soon as I got home I gave them to the pups and Frankie of course,
within 10 mins one of the pups had destroyed one of the toys,
it was so funny to see he had it in his mouth and most of the inside of the toy was all over him.
I tried to get a pic but he moved too quick as he wanted to play,
it was funny and made me laugh, that’s just typical of a pup I should have know
better Ha Ha.
The pups are doing well with being house trained.
Its not that often they do their wee on the newspapers, maybe when I go
out, or during the night but most of the time they wait till they go outside.
Considering there are 4 pups to train they are doing so well with it,
and the trainer spray helped a lot I sprayed it outside the
first few days they were here.


progress update: 20th Apr 09


progress update: 19th Apr 09

The pups arrived at the Rescue yesterday, more details and photos soon!

progress update: 7th Apr 09

Hi Helen

I’ve attached a very small You Tube link that I put up last night of the 4 collies that I’m fostering, which are due with you on the 18th I believe.
I thought you might like to see just how gorgeous they all are!
When they arrived with mum a couple of weeks ago they were skinny, smelly and incredibly nervous little things who’d crawl on their bellies when you called them as they were so scared.
Now just look at them!
They’re all fat, happy and very loving little pups who will make absolutely gorgeous pets.
They’re very good with cats (I have four, all rescues of course!) and they’re very good with any new
dogs (mum often brings hers round).
The two black and whites are girls and the other two are boys and I can’t recommend them highly
I believe I have another litter arriving shortly after these leave so I’ll keep you updated.
I saw the update on ‘Pebbles’ – what a lovely home she has, thank you
so much. I’m looking forward to seeing updates on the others.

Take care, Catherine

New pups coming in after Easter,

There will be four eight week old collie pups; two girls,two boys

All needing homes !