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progress update: 23rd Oct

Dear Helen

Morgan is nearly two years old now and has grown into a very beautiful dog, He is almost impeccably well behaved! With just the occasional lapses. When he first arrived he wouldn’t let us touch him – he snarled and went for us – especially me. He wouldn’t eat his food out of a bowl, but if I threw it out onto the lawn, he would gobble it .

He is a joy to take out for his walks, is ball mad and ignores all other distractions, other dogs and people most of the time. He does stop to say ‘hello’ but then gets back to the important business of chasing after his ball. He is eating well, has two walks every day – in Windsor Great Park where he is free to run and play and chase after his ball. There are lots of other dogs to socialise with too. Now, he is a loving and gentle dog, will come for a cuddle and apart from having the top of his head touched, which I understand is fairly general with a lot of dogs, he is happy to be handled.

Brian and I recently went to North Somerset and stayed in a delightful part of the country, very dog friendly. The attached photographs show Morgan having fun on the beach – then having a shampoo!

Our cat Dangermouse has finally become resigned that this noisy beast has come to stay! He often goes across the road for some peace and quiet but when he thinks no one is looking, they play together, and can sometimes be found sleeping together on Brian’s bed. After having had three Border Collies we thought we knew the breed. Morgan has shown us a new side – neither of our ‘girls’ played ball – Morgan is ball mad. We took him to flyball classes for a while, and he loved it, but he wouldn’t go and get the ball from a stranger – so we had to abandon that.

I hope all goes well with you and DAWGS and that you are going from strength to strength.
With very best wishes

Alysia, Brian and Morgan Hunt`

progress update: 30th March

“The change in Morgan over the last year has been dramatic. When we got him he would not let us handle him, he did not like to be touched or petted, he snarled and bit – but gradually, with lots of handling and cuddles he has transformed into such a beautiful happy dog.
One other quirky habit he had, was that he would not eat his dinner out of a bowl. He barked and squeaked, and sat there guarding it tenaciously, but would not eat it. If I finally threw it out down the garden ‘for Mr Fox’ – he would happily rush out and gobble it all up. He is quite the star of Windsor Great Park and everyone knows Morgan- so many people have come up to Brian, who gets taken for a two hour walk every morning, to say what a beautiful dog he is.
With very best wishes to you and many grateful thanks from all the dogs you have re-homed and saved – and from a pair of old fogies whose lives have been transformed by the coming of the lovely Morgan.
Love and best wishes
Alysia, Brian and Morgan.”

“Here’s the latest on Morgan, the Irish Diddycoy we got from you a while ago. He is in to garden designing, thinks he is Dairmuid Gavin, he rearranges the flower pots and sticks and plants and makes a messy camp on the lawn – what a mess! If I did it, there would have been a divorce many years ago, but he gets away with it ….

As you can see he has grown into a beautiful fellow.

Our Burmese cat Dangermouse was very upset when we brought home a Hearing Dog last summer and we did have grave doubts about bringing home Morgan. But there has not been a problem. We have always had Border Collies and DM got on very well with them, and this time when he saw the puppy, he decided he could train it, like he has trained us, and now they get on very well. The cat comes in and invites Morgan to play. This means I hide and when you find me, I can swipe your nose if it gets too close! It took some months before DM came back to being a family cat, he used to sit on a high shelf looking miserable, out of reach of the leaping, barking, full of energy beast we called our puppy. These days, Morgan has quietened down a bit, and DM has got used to him, knows that he won’t be attacked, only thwarted in the usual Border Collie way from going where he wants to go, but he is used to that and has his own way of dealing with it. He runs in one direction and when Morgan goes after him to head him back, he changes tack and heads off in another direction and usually gets away. Then he comes back for more.
He is such a mischief and full of life and love. He has just completed his 10 weeks of training, and as was once said by a teacher “ He is cheerfully indifferent to discipline”. He will sit – because he thinks it means a titbit, but he won’t ‘stay’ – no way. He has recently been castrated.
Brian had a heart attack and bypass late last year, and having Morgan to focus on and take for exercise has made the world of difference to him. Morgan has been the best thing since sliced bread as far as Brian is concerned! He takes him to training classes, (I’m not allowed to go) and also takes him for a long walk in the Great Park every morning. At first Morgan wouldn’t get into the car. He was fine one inside, but it has taken a long time to gain his confidence and get him to go voluntarily into the car. He would rush to his bed and lie on his back as if to say ‘ Oh, please NO, don’t make me go…’ Now, when he sees Brian putting on his jacket he is all bounce and ready for the off.

So that’s the story of Morgan Hunt, growing up nicely and doing very well.”