Murphy (a.k.a. Mr Awesome)

Updated January 30, 2020 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.


progress update: 30/01/2020

5 years ago today Murphy (Mr Awesome) came to live with us!
Thank you Helen for our beautiful, crazy, noisy boy,
Happy Gotcha Day Murphy

progress update: 30/01/2019

4 years ago today a certain Murphy aka Mr Awesome joined our family, he is still as nutty as ever with his funny habits and little ways but we love him to bits!! Thank you Helen for letting him come to live with us

progress update: 28/01/2017

Happy 2nd adoption day to Murphy (aka Mr Awesome)
Can’t believe he has been with us 2 years now,
massive thank you to Helen for letting us have him,
what a lovely boy he is,
still has the slight collie craziness but he is so affectionate & loves a cuddle on the sofa!!!

progress update: 24/04/2015

Murphy (rehomed in February) and his big brother Jack enjoying their new kong safestixs in the sun this morning, Murphy is so settled & loving life!!!!

progress update: 11/03/2015

Just a quick update on Murphy,
this was him enjoying a frosty morning last week,
he has settled in well with Jack & we would say he has his paws firmly under the table!!!!

progress update: 01/02/2015

Murphy has now found a home !!

progress update: 20/01/2015

Mr Murphy still looking for a fun active home, his got over his issue with a brush and now mat free,
also worked on lead and has stopped pulling so much and listens to me,
had a bath yesterday after a very muddy walk and loved it, don’t think I have ever fostered a dog that doesn’t go on the sofa or bed!!
aka Mr Awesome

progress update: 17/01/2015

progress update: 06/01/2015

Murphy on his first walk with me today.

He had a great time!

progress update: 04/01/2015

Murphy is back at the Rescue due to a family break up.

He is 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated.
He’s been great with all the dogs in foster and my 11 year old daughter, house trained and very playful,
pulls on the lead a little but great off lead, sits and gives paw.


progress update: 9/5/13

Just want to let you know that Murphy has totally made himself at home with us,
he’s a delightful pup and is so good.
He’s learnt to play and loves chasing our little girl Mollie round the garden.
He’s loving his long runs on the beach and is now off the lead and comes straight back when called.
He’s delightful and thanks to Geoff for introducing him to us.


progress update: 27/4/13

Murphy was a little star today selling raffle tickets at Pets at Home, Branksome!
Murphy will be at the Seafront Walk tomorrow with Geoff his foster Dad.
Please come and say hello to Murphy and some of the other DAWGdogs looking for homes.

Murphy is five months old and a Collie type.
He was kept on a chain so at first very subdued when a collar was out on him but soon forgot he had it on once he started to play with Geoff’s dogs.