Cali (a.k.a Saoirse)

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progress update: 5/2/20

Cali enjoying one of our favorite walks, with friends x

progress update: 12/10/19

Cali enjoying the beach

progress update: 30/6/13


Hi Helen, well here’s this weeks puppy update.
Cali has fitted in with the family so well.
William the Spaniel is now her best friend and she is his nemesis when the poor lad tries to get a bit of piece and quiet, however he is so gently natured he just rolls over and submits.
Cali has also discovered the dish washer when it is being loaded.
This morning I found he inside it licking the breakfast dishes!
As for training she now comes when called by name, responds to “Into the garden” and “Into the house”, together with ‘sitting’ and ‘down’ when asked.
She is perfect on the lead (pink of course) when we go ‘walkies’ round the garden and as she had her second injections on Thursday we will be walking round the houses next weekend.
Our vet (Ben) gave her a thorough check over and declared she was in fine health.
He remarked on how well she was behaved when he did the ear, nose and throat check.
We have through play taught her not to bite or check when gently handled.
So Carol and I must thank you for helping us find Cali who is a charming if cheeky addition to our home.

Best wishes

Mike & Carol

progress update: 25/6/13

We are delighted with Cali, she is as bright as a button and VERY smart.
We’ve gave her a couple of days to settle in with just food and play together with exploring the garden and on Sunday we started her training in little spells of 5 or 6 minutes.
She now ‘sits’ when asked (most of the time) and walks on the lead round the decking without fuss which is a great start.
She is also just starting to learn ‘down’, so after such a short time I can’t tell you how pleased we are with her adaptability and intelligence.
Today for the first time she and William have started to play together,
she hides under and behind any cover and then pounces out and attacks him with baby snarls and barks,
at which point he chases her to her next hiding place only to run into the follow up puppy attack.
I’ll say this for her she certainly has courage.
We are still giving her the medication but to date there is no sign of any coughing.
I’ll post you some photos soon.

progress update: 23/6/13

Saoirse (who is now called Cali) has settled in fine.
She has made herself quite at home and has been accepted by our other two dogs with a tiny bit of bad grace, but she is a gutsy little girl and has stood her ground so I am sure that within a few days they will all be comfortable with her.
She is eating well and apart from 2 ‘little accidents’ has done her bathroom duties in the garden when she comes out to the command “In the garden” and returns quickly to the opposite “In the house”; and she has started to respond to her name too.
She has her own little crate where the blanket you gave us for her is, together with some toys and a rope chew hanging from the inside top.
She sleeps well at night with the door closed and during the day we leave the crate open for her.
She often pops herself into ‘her’ little area and lies down for a nap.
I’ll email you some pictures soon.
Regards to you and your family

Mike & Carol

Saoirse has now found a home !!





This is the new puppy that arrived yesterday.
Her name is Saoirse ( not named after the actress this name means freedom and liberty which is quite appropriate considering she was going to be put to sleep),
she is 8 weeks old and a Collie type.
As you can see from the photos she is adorable.
Puppies are hard work and exactly the same as having a new born baby to look after.
We are looking for a home that understands this and has plenty of time for her