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progress update: 22nd Dec

Sunday 12.40

Murphy’s dogblog

Hi, I went to my new home today, the big pack leaders came and carried
me off to my new home; my new brothers came to fetch me too.  I cried
in the big 4×4 on the way, I felt so sad to leave my foster mum who
has helped me so much, but I soon became distracted by the view out
the windows, it must be good because my new brothers kept a look out
all the time, but I just got tired and fell asleep.

We all walked through the door of my new home together and my new
brothers raced off to the garden to see if anything had happened
whilst they were gone (I think Patches needed a bathroom break too!)

Timmy my big brother is a grump at the moment because I took his fav
basket but Patches my new little brother, who’s very old and wise made
me feel better and told me he will get used to me, like I will get
used to him, we all take time to get used to living with some one new.

In my new home there is a big door and I have decided that my first
job will be to guard it from danger, by watching it all the time, plus
I think I might just want to go back to where I’m used to
living………things here are just different…….take the stairs, the ones
here are tricky and when I tried to race to keep up with my new
brothers I just fell down (ok so I cried a bit but I tried to be
brave) I am fine its just the shock of it all made me feel sad.

I had my first meal here I loved it, yummmmmm, maybe it’s not so bad
here after all.

I found the water earlier but managed to stand in it, I gave a very
embarrassed ears down look because Timmy laughed at me, maybe he’s not
that much of a grump……….

Well all this new stuff is just so tiring and
this rug is so soft that I just have to go to sleep…….. mmmmmm…………..

Oh the muddy footprints on the carpet they are mine…. guess who
found the mud in the garden……ops ………ok maybe I’m beginning
to like it here…..

I’ll keep you posted

progress update: 13th Dec

Murphy will be going to his new home next weekend !!

Murphy is a ten week old german shepherd pup whose family where unable to keep him.

He is good with other dogs and children.

As with any puppy he will need more training !