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progress update: 21/03/2015

Three DAWGdogs – Ozzie, Taylor and Harry (re-homed) and their friend Flash on their hols

progress update: 6/6/12

Ozzie in his Union Jack scarf

progress update: 8/5/08

“Oscar (now Ozzie) found his way to our home back in February.

A very nervous little boy from Ireland with a few issues,

very collar shy and terrified of the back of the car.

Unfortunately the only way he knew how to handle it was aggressively which resulted in

a lot of heartache as to whether to keep him.

I’m glad to say we did and although we still have a
very long way to go, Ozzie gains trust and confidence each day.

The picture is of Ozzie in his life jacket aboard our boat on the way to Lymington!

He seems to have no fear of the boat and was quite happy for us to pop his life jacket on.

In Lymington he enjoyed the busy market, lots of people and dogs
to greet followed by fish and chips on the quay (well he had a chew!)

We took Ozzie on as our old Golden Retriever no longer wanted to join us for
long walks, a role Ozzie is very happy to fill!

Zak our Goldie was a great mentor to Ozzie but very sadly died quite suddenly last week.

The hole Zak has left behind is vast but little Ozzie has been a great help.

Thank you to Helen for all her support and help, you do an amazing job!

Many thanks”