Riley (a.k.a Inky), Patch (a.k.a Ollie), Sammy (a.k.a Tinker), Nugget (a.k.a Nougat) and Maggie

Updated January 5, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update on Sammy: 5th Jan 09

Sammy had a good first christmas with us.
he got lots of pressies: treats and toys, and loved all the wrapping paper.

he now comes back to us when called while being off the lead and sits
when asked.
he has 2 great new friends who he plays with often.
also, he has been castrated at 6 months which all went well.
overall, he is a lovely,gentle dog and we are happy that he is with our family.

mrs. faulkner and family.

progress update on Inky ( now known as Riley ) 20th Sep

Well, I think you could say that Riley has well and truly settled in
and made himself at home from day 1.  Everybody absolutely adores him
and he works it!

He likes our vet and our vet thinks he’s ‘cool’ – well he’s a Texan!?

What a character this dog is!  I think we could all see the potential
for that from when he was tiny and standing up for himself with all
his brothers don’t you?!  Oh, does this dog love life!  Indoors he
thinks he’s truly invinsible – you would not believe the things he
gets himself into and the things he gets up to.  He likes nothing
better than to terrorise my teenage sons when the mood takes him as

Now, outside is a different matter!  He hasn’t conquered that one just
yet.  I think we’re trying to master the agoraphobic stage of
puppyhood.  Well there’s strange people, there’s cows, horses, huge
things with 4 wheels that travel very fast, wind and more often than
not . . . rain!  Although, I don’t think he minds getting wet so much
now because it makes him nice and stinky and that’s the way he likes
it – much better than that poofy coconut herbal shampoo!!!  Can’t be
doing with that!

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to you and DAWG dogs and all
your helpers.  We have found a wonderful, gorgeous dog that has and
will continue to enrich our lives.

I always keep an eye on the DAWGdogs website and promise I will keep
in touch.  Keep up the good work.

Alison Palmer

progress update on Nougat/Nugget: 16th Aug

Hi there,

Just thought I would send a couple of pictures of Nugget. He is
settling in great! When I asked him to smile he stuck his tongue out!
Bless him.



progress update on Tinker/Sammy: 16th Aug

Tinker has now been renamed Sammy by his new family who have sent in these great photos and the following update:

Sammy is settling in really well. He knows this is his home now.
He loves playing in the garden with all his toys.
He gets on really well with the children.
He is so gentle and friendly.
He mostly toilets in the garden now or if not on paper.
We are looking forward to taking him out for nice walks,which should
be in a couple of weeks.
His second immunisation is due next week.
He loves his nice comfy bed, as that is his safe area and no one
touches him when he is in it.
Thanks to everyone involved in his rescue, we couldn’t imagine being
without him.

Ali & Family

progress update: 13th Aug

Tony has sent in these great photos of Ollie ( a.k.a Patch )

from when he was being fostered :

progress update: 5th Aug

Thanks to Fiona, the pups have been in the Bournemouth Echo!

progress update: 28th July

This weekend’s update from Claire:

I put one of those rigid plastic under bed stores in the kitchen just to see if they would use it for a toilet.
Patch got the point of it straight away, what a good boy, top of the class!
The others alternate between using it as a toilet, a wrestling ring, a toy box, a bed and a go- cart (it has wheels and is never in one place for long).
It is also good for a chew, which spares my kitchen units!

I’ve discovered Tinker is the bully of the bunch and the cause of Inky’s loudest squeals, as he is dragged round the room by his tail.
I’ve had words with Tinker about being nice to his little bro’ but he didn’t make any promises and tried tugging my ponytail when I picked him up for a cuddle!.
I think Nougat has grown the most in the week since I last saw them.
He needed to so he can support his big belly!
He’s a lovely boy now and I think he’ll be a big handsome boy when he’s older.
We discussed it and he agrees.

The heat has made them restless this weekend and the bigger ones are sleeping less in the day.
Their play fights are quite fair so I let them get on with it.
I can tell straight away when Inky is involved because of his little bark.
Inky & Patch have nice play fights and Maggie is quite gentle most of the time if she joins in.
Nougat and Tinker are clearly trying to establish who’s boss.

Maggie has been less aggressive over the food.
She growls a little but she hasn’t put any of them on their backs this week.
She is very playful, bounding around with whatever toy she can get hold of and trying to get the others to join in by playing tag.
They aren’t impressed on the occasions when she is the only one awake and up for a game.

I’m definitely more exhausted this week than last, I thought it would be easier as I knew what I was letting myself in for but a week shows quite a change in Puppy’s life and they are growing up fast!

I wish them well in their new homes, especially Inky for whom being away from his brothers will probably be a welcome break!

progress update:  25th July

All 5 pups have now found new homes !

Doesn’t time fly when you’ve got puppies!

They are all flat out on the kitchen floor now.

You can hear their tummies gurgling from their last meal.

Thought I’d send this picture.

He sat posing for ages before I realised he was waiting for me to take it.

Tooo cute!


progress update: 22nd July

I didn’t think I’d taken that many pictures as the pups don’t stop moving when they are awake.
Most of these were taken at nap time when they were safely snuggled up in the cage giving me a chance to mop the kitchen floor without dragging at least four of the puppies round with the mop…. A favourite game I discovered, that and stealing the wee soaked paper towels from me as I tried to clean up.

I have to admit my favourite was the little spotty pup (Inky I think Jan has named him)
I affectionately called him Runty or Titch during his stay and he didn’t seem to mind,
probably because I frequently defended him against the other four pups when their play fights got a bit rough.
He’s a lovely little chap who quite happily minds his own business until the others try and grab his tail/ear/leg (sometimes all at once).
He barks at them more than he bites back but he has been trying to defend himself. Bless him!

Maggie loves attention and being bigger than the others, she barges her way to the front to make sure she gets it!
She was only naughty at meal times when she would see off the others from BOTH bowls of food at once!
I excluded her on one occasion to make sure the others were getting their fair share.
She expressed her displeasure at my decision by complaining and doing a big poo in the bed! That’s me told!

Looking forward to seeing them again at the weekend!


progress update: 15th July

The new pups are tiny, only 6 weeks old apart from the black collie girl who is 8 weeks old.
All the Dalmation cross Collies are boys, thin and riddled with worms.
They were fed once a day instead of four times and as you can see the first meal didn’t last long.

They will not be ready for two weeks as they will need to fatten up,
get rid of the worms and have a vet check.

Jan is thinking of names for them but the black Collie is called Maggie.