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Purdy has found a home !!

progress update: 28/3/11

Hi Helen, Just a little note to say that Purdy is having a whale of a time and adapting well to our household.
She has had loads of walks so far and been run ragged with the ball (I think she will lose weight quickly because all the neighbouring children like throwing ball for her also).
On the whole I think she has settled in quite well, she has made a den in one of the flower beds and likes to sit in my chair when we are not looking (cheeky dog : ) ).
Thanks for allowing us the opportunity of rehoming Purdy we will look after her and ensure that she has a good life.
Will send pictures and updates periodically.
Thanks Jason and family

progress update: 23/3/11

Purdy will be going to her new home tomorrow !!

progress update: 9/3/11

Hi Helen,
A quick update on Purdy.
She’s relaxed a bit more into family life now; getting better on the lead and not nearly so excitable.
She’s devoted to my 3 year old daughter, follows her everywhere! I really hope she finds a lovely home, I think she’d like somewhere relaxed and calm as she is a real sleeper!
She’s been all over the place for different walks with us, nothing seems to faze her, and she’s lovely around other dogs – even the ones that aren’t so nice to her.
Thanks Helen
Kind regards

Hi Helen,
This is Purdy. Between 3 and 4 years old. She’s a lovely girl on the small side for a Border collie.
I’ve had her with me for 3 days and she’s been great.
She’s perfect off the lead (all she wants is to play ball), fine with other dogs and great with kids.
She is pretty rubbish on a lead though! (You can’t have everything!)
As I said she is a collie and can be a bit bouncy and lickey for the first few minutes when you come home for instance, but these are small ‘problems’ that can be sorted fairly easily.

She was living with an older lady, who fell on the ice and badly broke her arm before Christmas.
The lady felt she could no longer manage the dog, she can’t drive yet as the arm is not healing properly and she is due yet another operation.
Purdy hasn’t been properly exercised since before Christmas, so she is a bit tubby!

Kind regards