Ready for rehoming !!

Updated September 21, 2008 Categories: Dooley's diary.

I was just looking at the website to see how some of my old pals are getting on when I noticed this on my page:

progress update: 19th Sep


Dooley has now been at the Rescue for several months ‘in rehab’.

He has made very good progress and is now no longer the very fearful dog he once was.

We are now looking for a permanent home for Dooley, one that will be able to continue to improve his confidence and recovery.

He is very used to other dogs at the Rescue, but he is still a little eccentric in some of his ways.

We will be looking for an extra special home for him, with someone who understands nervous collies and who has the patience to care for him.

It may be that Dooley is more suited to a home which is not a domestic family situation, since he needs to be worked and active to find a good use for all his nervous energy.

Like his fellow rehab dog Rocco, he needs someone who is prepared to visit him at the Rescue repeatedly until he gets used to them enough to build up a trust.

If you think that you may be able to help Dooley,

please contact Helen

for more details

At first I was a bit surprised because I thought I’d been rather good lately and hadn’t expected to find my name at the top of the rehoming list.
Rocco says that it isn’t because I’ve done anything wrong, quite the opposite.
He says that he is now on the list too, and it means that he is now ready for a permanent home.
He said that Helen must have decided that I’m a Care In The Community case and thought that was so funny he rolled around the floor in hysterics.
He wouldn’t explain why it was so funny so I laughed too even though I wasn’t quite sure what I was laughing at.

I hope that I shall still be allowed to write my Diary when I’m at my new home.
I’m looking forward to spending untold millions on Bonios once some Hollywood producer approaches me for the movie rights.
I’m also hoping that I shall be rehomed to someone who will buy me a special collar.

It is kind of exciting to think of the Big Wide World out there and all the Things To Bark At,
but I also feel a little bit scared too at the thought of leaving familiar surroundings.

Rocco says he’ll give me a mobile phone so we can still talk late into the night and Put the World To Rights.
I do hope that I’ve been Good Enough to find A Good Home…