Mizzen + Jib ( a.k.a Chuckie + Tommy )

Updated September 22, 2008 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: 22nd Sep

I am just writing to let you know how the dogs have settled in.
When we got them they were called Chuckie and Tommy, and have now been
renamed Mizzen (the blonde one) and Jib (the black one).
They are now very settled. They love going for walks in the forest and down the
beach and have even been tempted to go for a swim in the sea, Mizzen
is not as confident with the sea as Jib but is very willing to give it
a try as long as he can be by our side.
They both have lifejackets that we are getting them used to before we take them out on the boat,
Jib does not mind his at all but Mizzen always sulks.

They both come when called so we are able to let them off the lead in
the forest and suitable walks. Mizzen from the start would simply walk
with us directly behind our heels whereas Jib runs off until almost
out of sight then waits for us to catch up before going on.

They love to meet other people and dogs and are very good with our
nieces who love them.

They act like typical siblings; they love each other but do growl over
food and cuddles. The way they are with the chickens also differs, we
have introduced them on a few brief occasions – Mizzen is nervous of
them and stays behind us, but Jib would really love to eat one given
the chance; so far he has been pecked by the chickens for his efforts.

I am also very pleased to say that they are getting the idea of
housetraining and are learning to look at the door if they need to go

Kind Regards,


progress update: 14th June

Chuckie and Tommy have gone to settle in to their new home today!

progress update: 12th June

Pocket Picking Day

Today Helen took us to have our pockets picked.

We sat in the back and discussed in hushed tones what she could mean by this,

has she started to consort with Fagin like criminals?

If so we will have to contact the Police,

German shepherds are very good at catching bad people,

and once caught they will be taken to court to be tried in front of Judge Collie Jeffreys.

Collies are always judges because they are so clever.
Helen was late for this suspicious appointment and drove faster than she should.

Dooley had warned us of her bad taste in music and she was in a Bauhaus mood again.

I do hope she replaces her car aerial soon
and we can educate ourselves with Radio 4 next time we go for a drive.

We arrived at a place that smelt of lots of animals and there was a
few roguish looking characters there.

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier that won’t let anyone take his chain lead from him,

looked at Helen and sat by her and she told him that she didn’t have anything that he would
want to hold onto and he could take his eyes off her bag.

Stealing bags and pickpockets we were really starting to worry now !

A nice lady called Phillipa talked to us and before we knew it she had put a
long, sharp pointy thing in our necks and after a while we stared to feel sleepy.

Before we were too tired, we managed to scent mark a large
box with lots of papers in it.

Phillipa laughed and said it was only her 1998 tax returns.

Helen told Phillipa that we do this all the time and that Yvonne who has been
looking after us is going to have to completely replace her lino after we have gone.

Helen sat talking to us whilst we went to sleep and Phillipa made her a cup of tea.

Helen said that Phillipa is the only vet she knows that
makes a cup ot tea for her clients, we didn’t get offered one.

Before we knew it we woke up,

we felt a bit sore in the place we keep our manhood but otherwise felt fine.

Helen arrived to pick us up and
after a lovely sleep and a bit of chat with the other dogs who were
really quite friendly in spite of their rough looks we went back to

We didn’t meet any pickpockets so are still non the wiser as
to what she meant.



This is Chuckie and Tommy, they are a year old and are a cross shih tzu size.
They are not clean in the house as they lived outdoors before coming
to the rescue.
They have been clipped quite short as their coats were matted.

They were a little timid when
they arrived in but have now settled well into the foster home.