Rocco ( a.k.a Prince Rocco )

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progress update: 03/11/2020

Hi Helen I hope all is well with you. Well we’ve worked out that Rocco is probably about 14 now and unfortunately it’s beginning to show.
We had a fabulous holiday in Cornwall mid September with Rocs doing his favourite thing..visiting the beach everyday.
He was going off his food over the week so we decided to visit the vet when we came back, his teeth are so worn that he’s not able to eat biscuit so he’s now on wet food.
He also had a weird turn, falling over, crying and pooping himself. His blood has been checked and all results are a little high but normal for a dog of his age, they then did xrays and found he has good hips but has calcification on one of his vertebrae, he’s now on half a paracetamol morning and night daily and Metacam every other day.
He still has a good quality of life but his swimming days are over sadly, it’s so lovely to think that he had a holiday in that beautiful weather and enjoyed himself so much.
I thought I ought to let you know how things are going.
We love him so much and can’t thank you enough for trusting your instincts and giving us the pleasure of looking after him.
Take care and stay safe.

progress update: 27/05/2017

Rocco may not know how to play with toys indoors but he’s worked out how to get a biscuit from Uncle John, lol

progress update: 28/8/15

Rocco and his little friend Floyd and
Rocco and Brooke, Westward Ho

progress update: 10/01/2015

Happy New Year to all the very best of wishes for 2015.
Love from Rocco X x x

Mark that does the website is particularly pleased to hear from dear ol’ Rocco,

as he was very taken with him and would have loved to have kept him himself if this had been possible at the time he was with the Rescue =)

Rocco has now found a home !!

progress update: 12/7/12

These are both rescue dogs, Brooke (Collie) RSPCA Exeter and Rocco (CollieX) DAWGdogs Poole, neither had a very good start in life.

progress update: 1/5/12

Rocco has gone off to a possible home to see how he and the cat settle down together!

progress update: 8/4/12

Unfortunately, Rocco’s owner is no longer well enough to continue to look after him, so Rocco is back with his old friends at the Rescue and looking for another home.

progress update: 27/7/10

Hi Helen
As promised please find attached some pictures of Rocco that we had taken this morning on a walk at Arne.
I have sent some through separately as they are quite big files.
He is a beautiful dog who is very loving and affectionate.
He gets on so well with his friends Gypsy and Ben and he adores his owner Charlie and is always in his shadow.
He has settled in so well in his new home (well actually its not that new now as he has been here for 18 months).
I am so pleased that we came to you and met Rocco. He has been a wonderful addition to the family.
Hopefully speak to you soon
With best regards

progress update: 13th Dec 08
Rocco has gone to his new home this weekend !!!!

progress update: 19th Nov

A home at last?

Prince Rocco getting lots of fuss from Claire and Stacey !

progress update: 16th Nov

progress update from Claire: 10th Nov

progress update from Claire: 27th Oct

Rocco has observed me through the window at the rescue many times when I have come to collect one of his new friends.
More recently he has met me in person and insisted I stroke him continually by moving my hand with his head if I dare to stop.
This weekend was his turn to have a weekend away at my house to get him used to new surroundings.
I think the other dogs must have said nice things about me, as he seemed to trust me quite quickly. He was a bit nervous of getting into a different car but once we got moving he was fine.
It was no trouble getting him into the house.
He didn’t hesitate at the door like some of the other nervous Collies have.

I had no intention of encouraging Rocco on to the furniture but I did put a cover on the settee just in case.

He needed no invitation.
He jumped straight onto the settee and threw his head under Mark’s arm to let him know he should put down the crossword at once and pay him attention!
That’s pretty much how the weekend continued, Rocco, on the settee, being stroked by whoever was nearest (usually me).
For a once wild dog he is so affectionate and craves contact. He is so loveable.

He also enjoyed looking out of the front window at the comings and goings in the road.
We decided he’s a bit of a curtain twitcher!. He wasn’t phased by the television.

He didn’t eat much and was a bit skittish when I put the food bowl out.
He would eat from my hand but not the bowl. (Yes, I know! Peel me a grape!)

We didn’t do ‘walkies’ this weekend as Helen felt that being in new surroundings would probably be enough progress for Rocco for this week.

Helen and I met up in the woods for a walk today to reunite Rocco with his buddies Spike and Mutley before going back to the Rescue to see Dooley and make sure his CD’s weren’t out of alphabetical order.

progress update: 16th Sep

Rocco has made great progress in his period of rehabilitation at the Rescue and we would now welcome any enquiries as to providing him a permanent home.

Rocco needs someone who will be very patient, supportive and be prepared to continue to work on re-building his confidence.

He will need a home with another dog as is very used to his friend Dooley being with him.

He is a lovely dog, very loving and affectionate once he gets to know you.

We will miss him very much but a family home will be better for him than becoming a permanent resident of the Rescue, much as we would love to have him here!

progress update : 21st June

ROCCO in the Dorset Echo !!

Article by Fiona Pendlebury

He came from Ireland where he had lived with Tessa
who also rescues dogs and had been with her for 8 months.

Rocco has obviously been very badly treated in his past and it took Tessa two months to persuade him to come into her house.

After another 6 months of living with her he learnt that not all humans are cruel.

He came to us two months ago and has gradually become used to Helen and Mark.

Rocco has made fantastic progress and two days ago went for his first walk on the lead and has now been for two more walks off the lead.

He gets on very well with other dogs and cats.

He will need a home with someone that understands that he will need time to bond and who is patient enough to continue to build up his confidence.

He is a special favourite with all of us at the rescue =)

progress update April 26th 2008

Rocco took his first swim today and loved it.

There was no stopping him
after the first dip and he was also retrieving sticks from the river!

Mutley, Rocco, Spike, Harley + Dooley

Sweeny, Rocco, Spike + Harley


Rachel Kasper
Comment on April 18th, 2012.

Oh bless him . . he looks just like ‘Skinny Sam’ we had from you the same yr. Breaking my heart looking at such a beauty and trying to work on my husband! Hope he finds a wonderful home and I’m sure it won’t take long at all!

Sharon McCallum
Comment on April 21st, 2012.

HI Helen would love to help the charity by dog some dog walking for you at weekends.we would really like in the future to get our dog.i have a 10 year old daughter who loves dogs.if we can be of any help to you please let us know.regards sharon 07828124773

Comment on April 22nd, 2012.

Hi Rachel, He is a lovely dog and has been with us for 8 weeks now so keep working on that husband of yours.