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progress update: 1/2/12

This is Roland who a year ago in Dec went to live with Lorraine and Graham.
At first Roland was NOT good with Tessa their other dog but as you can see from perseverance on Lorraine’s part he now cuddles up with Tessa every night.
Thank you Lorraine for not giving up on Roland!

progress update: 10/9/11

Lorraine sent this photo of Roland with his companion.
It took a long time and a lot of patience for Lorraine to get Roland to this stage where he will share a bed with no growling.
As you can see a little perseverance and two dogs can become the best of friends.

progress update: 17/2/11

Roland who without his muzzle on slept in the bed with Tessa.
Lorraine and Graham deserve ever ending thanks for perserving with him.
He is a lovely dog who had not been treated well and has not been easy for Lorraine, Graham and Tessa to live with at times.
Well done them and thank you.

progress update: 30/1/11

Roland has new friends to get used to 5 chickens so far behaving himself fairly well!

progress update: 4/12/10

progress update: 6/11/10

Roland has been rehomed !!

Hey look at me Helen……..what’s all this?????? It wet, windy and sand is blowing everywhere!!!!!!!but we having fun!
Lorraine nearly fell over in the water when I started to run away from a wave!
Love Roland

Trying to get the last of the heat retained in the bricks as we let the fire die out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

progress update: 1/11/10
Hi Helen,
Well we ‘ve had a good day here…took both out for a pavement lead walk this afternoon….all went well!
Had ball in the garden, and then snoozes this evening now!
He ate well, ate all I gave him.
Got crate up now with another big soft comfy cushion in it and water!
He talks alot during awake hours,…..and my goodness me does he snore in sleeping hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He worn himself out now!

This is Roland who arrived yesterday, he was due to be destroyed last Tuesday unless a rescue place could be found for him.

He is now living with Lorraine, Graeme and their dog Tess.
He is one of the dogs that the money from Chris Hall’s flowers saved.
More photos will follow of the other three dogs and three cats that Chris’s money was used to save from deathrow.