Rosa ( a.k.a Roma, a.k.a Yoga )

Updated March 29, 2009 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

progress update: Mar 09

Hello Helen

Hope things are going well for you. I often have a look at the website
to keep in touch with your good work. Aren’t those puppies gorgeous!

I feel guilty not getting in touch with you to tell you how beautiful
and how brilliant Rosa is.

She is a great family favourite. She is a real character and loves her
walks in the New Forest. She particularly enjoys water and mud! Her
cut legs (now just nasty scars) do not handicap her at all. In a funny
way, they add to her appeal and are noticed by others who meet us or
visit us. Her story is quite amazing. She is very gentle and is good
with new people. She likes children and will let them play with her.
Even a nervous child who visited us was soon playing with her and
learning about nice a dog is.

She gets on well with Henry, our old corgi and has been joined by
Chloe, my parents’ corgi as they have had to go into a home and were
not able to look after her. The three certainly keep us busy but are
great companions.

Rosa has been excellent in the car from our first trip with her from
you. She sits quietly and is no trouble at all. She does not even mind
the long journey to my parents in North Shropshire.

The snow was an interesting time for Rosa. She still loves running
around the garden and to start with found the snow interesting. When
she realised she could scrape it and use her nose to make patterns,
she had a great time. She also liked to chase snowballs and showed off
her jumping skills when trying to retrieve snowballs thrown up into
the air. She couldn’t quite understand where the ball went.

So, thank you Helen and your team for rescuing Rosa from Ireland and
bringing her over here. She is a real joy and has given us many happy
memories already.

I have attached 2 photos of Rosa for you to see how well she looks and
to show you, she is still as beautiful as ever.

Cat Stone and family