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Sabbo has now found a home !!

progress update: 10/12/11

Hi Helen,

Here’s a quick update on Sabbo.

He’s been with us since Wednesday afternoon and what a lovely little chap he is. He is really good with my two boys (3 & 4 years.) I do have to keep telling my youngest off because he likes to play dinosaurs and thinks Sabbo is playing when he runs away.
We gave him a bath last night and what a good boy he was, he loved the drying best off all, as he was being fussed.
He goes outside to do his toilet, although he had an accident this morning, but think it was excitment to see me.
I’ve taken him for a short walk with our dog Maddie, he is unsure of the collar and lead and got spooked by the cars going by, but walked well. He has a good appetite, you do have to watch your fingers when giving treats but he doesn’t mean to nip them.

He likes being in the same room as me, so you have to watch your step as he will lay right behind you. He was unsure off Brian when he came in from work but soon realized that he will get lots of fussing from him too :)
He hasn’t shown any signs of having a bad bone in him, all he wants is cuddles and to know he’s loved, he will make a good companion.

Will update again soon when he’s settled in a bit more. But for now here are some photo’s off him.

Kim x

Sabbo is a real cutie and a bit of a poser in front of the camera.
He is approx 7 months old and a mix of something with a long body and short legs.
He is gentle and well behaved and gets on well with children

Sabbo has now found a home !!

Comment on January 9th, 2012.

Hi just a little up date on sabbo now known as Jacko
he has settled in nicely and we have found out that he is actualy a lancashire heeler.He is enjoying his new family and is being spoilt by all.
And enjoys his runs in the forest with our sons dog.