Updated January 10, 2011 Categories: dogs, progress updates, successfully rehomed.

Thank you to Award Pet Foods

who sponsored Sadie whilst she was in the rescue

and also have donated a 15 kg bag of puppy food.

Sadie has now gone to her new home !!

My name is Sadie, I am a 12 week old (approx) lurcher,
I pitched up at Helen’s – Not sure how really, but hey, she got me digs at Claire Till’s place and I had a great Christmas!
I slept for the first 3 days! Then got to grips being a puppy again! They want me to do a personal profile! SO HERE GOES:

I look (as you can see by my mug shot) pretty fantastic, I have beautiful eyes and a great personality…. GSH! and all that.
I love fooling around in the garden, I sometimes trip up my own shadow!
I like running…Alot! I’m easy going with short outbursts of full on fun.
Following a mad 20 minutes I like to sleep for 3 hours!

Claire took me to Auntie Jackie’s today, I met Basil – he’s the boss here, and I guess he will be teaching me a few new tricks!